Zoe Saldana Talks Guardians of the Galaxy

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Zoe Saldana is HOT! And by HOT I mean she is one of the up-and-coming, superstar actresses in Hollywood (she’s also HOT as in beautiful, but I digress….). Next week, she will star in what will be one of this year’s potentially, box-office shattering, mega hits, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and after that? Well for starters she is already committed to Avatar 2,3 and 4 and most likely the next Star Trek sequel. Oh yea, she’s also pregnant with TWINS!

Zoe Saldana is rising through the ranks and not at a snail’s pace either. With previous MEGA HIT titles under her belt like Avatar, Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, she is making a name for herself in leaps and bounds. In this video interview with The Hollywood Reporter she discusses preparing for the Comic-Con onslaught:

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