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Movie trailers aren’t usually an indication as to how well a film would do at the box office, but If I was a betting man (and I am), I am going to make the early prediction, that after watching this latest X-men Days of Future Past trailer, that our mutants will reign supreme at the theaters come May! Check out the latest Xmen Days of Future Past trailer now!

I’m not sure if this latest trailer reveals too much or maybe it doesn’t? You love to watch these snippets of a film, and want to see more and more and then at the same time, you’re like ‘Wait’, ‘STOP!’ you’re showing us too much!

In this latest X-Men trailer, we get a better idea of how dark and destructive the future has become for mutant-kind, and why the desperation from Professor Xavier and Magneto to attempt to send Logan (Wolverine) back to help unite the mutants in the past in order to change the timeline.

Lucky for us, we get to see this future, quick snippets of Sentinels, and a host of mutants from across and throughout the X-men stories, doing battle. Xmen Days of Future Past is definitely going to be one to remember and that’s a good thing to help revive the series and get one of Marvel’s best back on track!

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