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With the recent conclusion and season finale to The Walking Dead season 5 having aired last Sunday March 29th, now would be a great opportunity to use time in-between seasons to catch up if you haven’t already. But for those who do not have cable, the question remains – where can I Watch The Walking Dead Free?


The Walking Dead, which normally airs on AMC, CAN be seen on the AMC website, HOWEVER, in order to be able to stream full episodes of The Walking Dead on their site you MUST currently use one of the ‘providers’ listed.

So, if you’re like the ‘millions’ out there who do not have any of these cable providers in their area or cannot afford any of these cable providers, then you must find ‘OTHER’ means to watch The Walking Dead, because EVERYONE MUST BE ABLE TO WATCH THE WALKING DEAD, right? So what are your other options?

If you are fortunate to have Netflix, it is currently streaming The Walking Dead seasons 1-4. So essentially, you could pretty much catch up to the current season 5 which just finished. Not bad, but you never know when Netflix will decide to dump the show, as they do for so many others after being available for so long.

If you don’t have Netflix but would be interested in possibly signing up for the service, do so. Here is the link to the Netflix site, have a look at their packages and see if any appeal to you. I currently have it and love it, so definitely worth it IF you can afford it.


Your next option to Watch the Walking Dead Free come from a number of websites across the Web. Below is a list of sites, that you can access, in which you ‘may’ be able to watch the show, free of charge. I say ‘MAY’ because some of the links on these sites don’t work, cut-out in the middle of the show, etc. You never can tell, but then again, these are FREE, so you can’t expect seamless and quick, interruption-free, HD access.

Watch The Walking Dead Free on these sites:
There are probably quite literally hundreds (maybe even thousands) of sites that claim you can watch The Walking Dead free, so to help narrow this list down some, here are a handful that a trusted group have stated are good and relatively free of any offending software like spam, adware or viruses (no guarantees however)

Like anything FREE, there is ALWAYS a catch right? Here are some of the things to be wary of when watching The Walking Dead free on any of the above-mentioned websites.

  • Is it Legal? This brief article on Business Insider explains this further. In a nutshell, if you would normally pay to watch the show, and now you can view it freely on these sites, obviously there should be some legal concern.
  • Is it Safe? Because these sites are able to offer these shows like The Walking Dead for free, they sometimes take ‘liberties’ with a viewer’s desperation and make attempts to install ad-ware or spam or even worse, viruses and trojans. Always be vigilant, trust nothing, and scan your computer for viruses after you have viewed something.
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