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The season 4 mid-season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, did not disappoint! There were lots of ‘WOW’ moments, some surprising and others, NOT so surprising. Namely, The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes ‘weakness’ when finally going toe-to-toe with the The Governor.

The Walking Dead HerschelThe showdown we have long been waiting for, for an entire season (and a half), went down in death and mayhem, in last night’s The Walking Dead mid-season finale.

The Governor and his new ‘flock’ of followers, made their way to the prison, where an epic battle took place. We had some notable fatalities, with the battle ultimately resulting in the destruction of a portion of the prison and the forced retreat of our hapless crew of apocalyptic survivors.

**Spoiler Alert**
Many lives were lost at the battle for the prison, including Herschel’s, Grime’s baby (though this only speculation – the baby was gone and the baby seat was bloodied), and countless others on both sides, including The Governor (though NOT by Rick’s hands).

Herschel’s demise was perhaps the biggest shocker of the evening, but the biggest ‘THUD!’ was all Rick Grime’s honor!

Officer Rick Grimes…based on last night’s mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, we the jury (of peers!) have come to a decision!

For the crime of Cowardice… GUILTY!

The Walking Dead The GovernorWhen The Governor first approached the Prison, he had Herschel and Michonne in custody, threatening to kill them and storm the prison, if Rick and company did not evacuate immediately. Rick then proceeded to plead and make feeble attempts at bargaining with The Governor (you know, that ‘Governor dude’ that murdered all those soldiers, had a human and zombie heads floating in the office display, kept his zombie daughter around, you remember? Right?) over sharing the prison under one roof.

Surprise! The Governor didn’t buy it, cut off Herschel’s head, and stormed the prison, tank leading the charge. Herschel was killed and countless others.

Rick’s begging and pleading with a man that clearly has issues and has never before displayed any real sense of compassion, was painful to watch. C’mon Rick! The guy lost his town, his daughter (his zombie daughter), his eye, his leadership and sovereignty and you think he has ‘turned’ that tumultuous chapter
of his life and moved on? How has Rick survived this long is what I want to know?!

For the crime of Weakness… GUILTY

Let’s not stop at his ‘bleeding heart’ in begging The Governor to make peace. The Governor and his flock, storm through the prison fences, gunfire and mayhem erupting from all quarters. Rick, hiding, gets the jump on The Governor, and a classic mano-y-mano fist fight ensues. The Governor gets the upper hand over the FORMER Police Officer, Grimes, and proceeds to beat the living shit out of him.

Rick is saved from having his faced completely smashed in by Michonne, who drives her sword through The Governor’s chest. The Governor did not die at this time but was incapacitated, Michonne seemingly intent on leaving ‘wounded prey’ for the onrush of zombies now crossing through the breached fence line. The Governor was later finished off by his new found girlfriend, who had finally come to her senses that this guy was a coo-coo bird. Judgement that had obviously ‘escaped’ Rick Grimes.

Rick needs to toughen up. Mentally and physically. The Governor beat down of Grimes will be told around camp fires for years and years to come as one of the most epic, apocalyptic pummelings of all time. Had Michonne not shown up, The Governor would have been scooping ‘Rick Grime’ brain matter from his hollowed out skull.

Afterwards, Rick stumbles away, looking for Carl amid the chaos. On the verge of tears, Carl appears,, busily gunning down baddies and zombies, confidence, fearlessness (maybe even a little bit of CRAZY mixed in), and he and Rick embrace. Carl should of, at that point, told his pops to get behind him, and that he’d protect him, because that’s what it felt like at that moment.

Rick is weak (always has been), indecisive, and should of handed leadership reigns over to Shane, way-back-when. Now I’d be happy to settle for Daryl or Carl for that matter.

Officer Rick Grimes…

You’re Fired! – Trump

You have failed this city! – Arrow

That is why you failed! – Yoda

The Walking Dead returns February 2014

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