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transform and roll-out
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Although Transformers: Age of Extinction didn’t deliver as I might of liked, it doesn’t make Transformers any less cool, as some of these artists demonstrate with their creative transformer character t-shirt designs.

Lil’ Prime – $26.59

optimus prime t-shirt
Via Redbubble

Transform and Roll Out – $25.52

transform and roll-out
via Redbubble

Freedom is the Right of all Sentient Beings – $22.40

transformers t shirt
via Redbubble

Ratchet’s Auto & Bot Repair – $25.52

via Redbubble

Keep Calm and Transform – $24.89

via Redbubble

Bumblebee – $34.03

via Redbubble

The Communications Officer – $24.46

via Redbubble

Bad Bot – $27.65

via Redbubble

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