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Last night, the CW aired the season premier to the new sci-fi series, The Tomorrow People. A show not unlike many we have seen before, but still with a good deal promise behind it. If you saw it, you’ll understand what I mean, but here is what specifically twerk’d me good!

The Tomorrow People
The Tomorrow People is a reboot, in a sense, of an old British children’s sci-fi TV series which aired in the late 70’s. The series has been rebooted/re-imagined several times, with the latest reincarnation having aired last night on the CW, October 9th, 2013.

Familiar Story…
Basically the series centers around a group of individuals in hiding, referred to as The Tomorrow People by the U.S. Government or whomever (not really specified). These individuals posses a number of ‘gifts’ or abilities inherited through mutation or genetics that allow them mastery over what is refereed to as the three ‘T’s’. Telepathy. Telekinesis and Teleportation. There is a secretive U.S. Government entity known as ‘Ultra’ who is actively tracking these individual down, in the interest of ‘public safety.’ The organization utilizes captured ‘Tomorrow People’ to help them hunt down like individuals.

Not real original, but it works. There are several TV series and films that play off this same setup (i.e. Jumper), that we have seen before.

Mutant Powers…
Teens, mutant powers, fighting against a fearful government? I’m just waiting for the X-Men extraordinaire, Professor Xavier to comes motoring in? Mutant supers very much like the X-Men, only the special effects are very very good. Especially for television. The teleportation effects are superb as is the telekinesis. In fact, there is one scene where the star of the show, just coming to terms with his abilities, wards off a bully and very nearly kills him using…you guessed it, a Darth Vader like choke hold. Loved it!

The Tomorrow PeopleStill working on getting adjusted to the cast, but the head of ‘Ultra’, Jedikiah Price played by Mark Pellegrino (Supernatural), is a very good choice for a slippery baddie and the lead actor, Stephen Jameson, played by Robbie Amell is not too bad either.

Dumb Dumb J.A.R.V.I.S.
There is an artificial intelligence type machine, similar to Iron Man’s J.A.R.V.I.S. which is somewhat lame, and they haven’t really explained how the rag-tag bunch of super mutant teens got their hands on it. Who cares really. I just hope it doesn’t get much screen time.

The Tomorrow People shows promise and serious potential. I just hope, after so many reboots that they finally get it right this time around.

The CW is definitely making their play for viewers, with The Tomorrow People and Arrow airing on Wednesday nights. Looks like I won’t be getting many ‘Honey-do’s done on hump day!

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