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The Walking Dead is back! Season 4, Episode one: ’30 Days Without an Incident’ kicked off last night, and like the millions around the country, I was jacked! And although the kickoff was relatively uneventful, except for a little incident in a grocery store supply run, I did get a feeling what we were in-store for in the coming season.

Not going to dive into the scene-by-scene account, The Washington Post has a good rundown here, as does Wired, however I do want to touch on some of the things we saw that may give us a hint into whats planned for our prison community.


The Sickness
There’s a nasty bug potentially going around the prison encampment. We see it first with the livestock, as Carl and Rick take notice of a sick pig. I didn’t think much of it until they ‘revisited’ the pen to show the sickly pig seemingly dead. We then see one of the newcomer kids, healthy throughout the episode, take ill, coughing and hacking until he makes his way to the showers, then collapses, bloodied to the floor. The episode ended with the boy opening his bloody eyelids to reveal sickly, yellow eyes. Obviously dead and now one of the Walking Dead.

Judging by some choice previews from future episodes, my guess is that this kid infects others inside the fortified prison community, and now all of sudden you’re dealing with walkers on the inside. Now I know what all those ‘extra’ townsfolk are going to be used for!

Michonne – The Samurai Hunts
The Walking Dead MichonneWe see Michonne at the beginning come riding in on horseback, and come to find out that she has been gone for some time, out searching, hunting and seeking the whereabouts of The Governor. The group wants he to remain with them but she is persistent in wanting to continue her search, dead-set on making a trek to Macon, Georgia. She stays with the team when they go out on a scavenging run to the grocery store that turn bad, but then renews her interest shortly after on continuing her search for the Governor.

I cheated! I looked ahead on the IMdb website and saw that actor David Morrissey (The Governor) WILL be making an appearance this season. So judging by Michonne’s absolute dedication to finding this man and the fact that he will be found at some point, I think it’s safe to say that things will really get screwed up once he makes his grand entrance.

A newcomer African-American by the name of Bob, an apparent Army Medic, accompanies a small team to search for supplies in a surprisingly well-stocked grocery store. While the team is busy foraging supplies from the shelves, Bob comes across the liquor aisle where he seems to be at odds as to whether or not he should take a bottle with him back to the prison. You could almost feel the ‘conflict’ raging inside him, undoubtedly due to some tragic past he has not seemed to break free from. He decides against taking the bottle and puts it back, causing a shelf collapse that alerts nearby walkers on the roof, who then fall through and chaos ensues. One of the party is killed by the walkers, but something tells me that we haven’t seen the last of Bob’s ‘demons’ and this issue will rear its ugly head down the road.

Back to Basics
It seems we have gone full circle and are going back to basics with Season 4. The Walkers who in the last season seemed more a part of the environment are now back as a persistent threat and there are some internal things within the prison community that may cause a few problems as well. Add to that, that prospect of the Governor making a possible play and there you have it. Excited, optimistic and ready for more.

What was your take on the season 4 premier to The Walking Dead?

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