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The ending to last week’s The Walking Dead: Isolation revealed to us that Carol had been the culprit in the killing of Karen, that sent Tyreese into a full-fledged berserker rage against Rick and Daryl. In last night’s episode: Indifference, we learn the consequences of those actions.

Carol is Gone!

The Walking Dead Indifference Rick takes Carol with him on an excursion to locate medicine in the absence of Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Tyreese. They happen upon a small neighborhood, where in the course of searching for supplies Rick and Carol discuss her confessed actions and justifications for killing Karen. They happen upon a young couple, hiding out from the Walkers, who are eager to help in searching for supplies. Rick wants them to stay within the safe confines of the house, Carol argues against it, instead wanting them to help search the rest of the homes. Rick, clearly against this capitulates and the young couple heads out to look for medicine.

Not long after, Rick and Carol come across the couple, being devoured by Walkers, and Rick lets Carol know his disappointment in her decision to let the youngsters help. By the end of the episode, Rick discusses his distrust of Carol stemming from the killing of Karen back at the camp and her recent decisions with the young couple, and basically explains that she is not welcomed back at the camp and sends her packing.

I didn’t see this coming, and however much I was annoyed with Carol in previous seasons, she HAS come a long way. She has developed a ‘survivalist’ instinct, very much useful in this Walker-infested world, and very similar to Daryl. Where she differs is the lack of compassion that we have seen at times in Daryl and her ‘decision-making’ process which seems to revolve around her specific survival, forsaking all others. Not sure how I feel about her departure, other than she has become a valuable fighter and she will be missed by the group, given their current challenges with the illness spreading through the camp.

I have a feeling we have not seen the last of her…

What About Bob?

Who else is with me in thinking that ‘ol Bob was going to take a swan dive off that roof into a ‘sea of Walkers’ courtesy of Daryl after it was revealed he had chosen to take alcohol rather than medicine on their excursion?

Bob has outstayed his welcome. This is the 2nd time he has weakened in the face of alcohol. Clearly there is a deeper story behind this, but the fact remains, he is going to kill more people with his reckless actions and endanger others. I’m amazed he hasn’t been sent packing yet. Army Medic be damned, they still got Herschel! For now anyways…

Daryl & Michonne?

The Walking DeadWhat’s up with Daryl and Michonne? There have been a few small scenes in which Daryl and Michonne have been in engaged in conversation and you get the sense that 1.) there is a sort of mutual respect between the two, and 2.) that maybe Michonne is starting to take a ‘liking’ to Daryl in more ways than one, flashing a smile from time to time (yes, I was just as amazed that Michonne smiles!). Daryl, of course always has ‘game-face’ on so its tough to gauge is interest, but I’m thinking something is developing here that will be interesting to watch unfold.

So What Happens Next?
With Carol gone, Rick will be hard pressed to explain what went down to the rest of the group. How will Daryl react since he and Carol had some ‘moments?’ How will Tyreese respond when he learns that Carol killed Karen and he trusted her? How will these two react to Rick?


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