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Why worry and fret about rush hour traffic when you can glide above the fray and be home in time for The Walking Dead with The Cobalt Valkyrie. Personal and high class transportation has finally become more affordable!

Hear the spiel on the Cobalt Valkyrie:

The Valkyrie is one of the fastest piston aircraft on the market, and is designed to be the safest.

Inspired by classic fighter jets with clean lines and premium finishes, the Valkyrie impresses with understated elegance.

The exterior comes in a range of custom finishes including dark colors, typically harder on composites. The flight controls feature full pushrod-bellcrank precision mechanisms, and the retractable landing gear is machined in solid high-performance alloys.

The interior features premium hand stitched leather seats, customizable platings and trim materials. It comfortably seats five people, including the pilot, with ample storage for golf clubs, skis and suitcases. It also has the largest one-piece canopy in the world, providing an unrivaled visibility to pilots and passengers alike.

Cobalt promotes the highest standards of safety in the industry. The Valkyrie has a “canard” configuration, with a forewing that acts as an aerodynamic fuse to prevent stalls. An airframe parachute is also provided as an option.

cobalt valkyrie

The nice thing is, is that the The Cobalt Valkyrie is right now, sitting at just under $700,000, but Imagine the price of this will go up once popularity begins to strengthen, so if you’re in the market and are looking for that next generation in personal transportation, now may be a good time to buy! I wonder if they take checks? 🙂

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