Best Gunpla on YouTube. If you’ve come to see this post odds are you probably already know what Gunpla is, however, for those new and curious visitors, you are in for one Helluva treat! Gunpla (which means Gundam Plastic Model) is a VERY popular, model-building hobby that originated in Japan. The models, that are built and sometimes painted are known as Gundam (originating from a VERY popular Anime or Japanese animated show).  So whether you are a beginner or new to the hobby or already heavily engaged with Gunpla, we’ve gathered together the Best Gunpla on YouTube all in one place to help and assist you in your Gunpla-building endeavors. Feel free to bookmark this page, as we will continue to update frequently! Enjoy!

Before we dive into the list, here is a nice introductory primer of Gunpla for those just starting out or wanting to learn more about this most awesome of model-building hobbies.

How Gundam Became an Empire | The Rise of Gunpla

Below we have put together a list of the largest Gunpla Channels on YouTube based on number of subscribers. If there are channels on here that we have missed, or that you feel are quality Gunpla channels despite their subscriber base, please let us know in the comments below and we will review it and try to include on this list. Any help you can provide in continuing to make this a valuable and helpful resource for Gunpla hobbyist would be HUGELY appreciated!

** Please note ** that the subscriber figures listed were whatever they were at the time this resource was created. These numbers could be higher or lower based on when the page was viewed.

Best Gunpla on YouTube

BUILDERS TV (206,893 Subscribers)

MECHA GAIKOTSU (170,843 Subscribers)

ZAKU AURELIUS (98,846 Subscribers)

GUNPLA MELI (61,863 Subscribers)

HENRY MCCLELLAN (52,624 Subscribers)

PRIME92 (49,155 Subscribers)

TID-GUNPLA (THAI) (44,564 Subscribers)

GUNPLA LAB (43,886 Subscribers)

LIKE GUNPLA (41,596 Subscribers)

AWESOME TOYS (41,437 Subscribers)

JENIC (31,612 Subscribers)

CHANNEL 2S (25,204 Subscribers)

FRONTLINE BUILDER (22,584 Subscribers)

JABMAN25 (20,968 Subscribers)

PAINT ON PLASTIC (18982 Subscribers)

STRYDERPRIME (18264 Subscribers)

CITRUS (16827 Subscribers)

STEEZY (16561 Subscribers)

THATGUNPLATHO (15,394 Subscribers)

ITSAGUNPLA (13,176 Subscribers)

I hope this list of Gunpla on YouTUbe was helpful. I know how vast YouTube is and that new channels sprout and die daily, so I would gladly accept any suggestions as to how I can improve and grow this resource in the comments below. And if I am missing any channel here, I would love to review and add that as well! Thanks!