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I walked into a friend on mine’s office the other day, who always seems to have a knack for one-upping me on attention-grabbing paraphernalia adorning his shelves. He didn’t seem to notice my expertly done, and quite stealthy ‘eye scan’ of his office contents when I walked in, but I’m sure he could envision the reaction on my face when I swept across these particular items just left of computer display!

Team Fortress 2 FiguresTeam Fortress 2 figures?! Pyro? Demo? Soldier? And my fav of all….Heavy?! They were easily the biggest attention-getter in the room and HE KNEW IT! I had to find out where he go them, WITHOUT having to grovel and ask him…ugh. Well, find them I did! At ThinkGeek!

Limited edition action figures from the popular video game, Team Fortress 2. These figures are strictly limited to a 10,000 piece run of each model and will come in Red and Blu options so you can pick your favorite team! The figures stand over 6.5″ tall and have over 25 points of articulation. They will each come with their signature weapons and accessories, which we’ll note below as each figure is released. You’ll also get a code to unlock in-game bonuses, so be sure to pick these up while they last!

Team Fortress 2 figure specification:

  • Limited edition deluxe figures from Team Fortress 2
  • Only 10,000 pieces of each figure in production
  • Each character will come with signature weapons or accessories
  • Code included to unlock in-game bonuses
  • Choose: Red or Blu (one of them sucks!!!)

Team Fortress 2 Figures are $17.99 – $19.99 – Click here for more info