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5 Team Valor Pokemon Go Tees For Women

I don’t know about you, but being apart of a Pokemon Go team is actually pretty cool, and I anticipate, as the game evolves there will be even more benefits to declaring what team your on. What’s even cooler? Not only joining a team while in the game but wearing one of the many Pokemon Go tees now available.

Team Valor – Pokemon Go

pokemon go shirt
[$23.80 via Redbubble]

Team Valor – Pokemon Go

Pokemon shirt
[$25.55 via Redbubble]

Team Valor – Pokemon Go

pokemon go
[$29.50 via Redbubble]

Team Valor – Pokemon Go

pokemon go shirt
[$29.50 via Redbubble]

Valor Power

pokemon go shirt
[$23.84 via Redbubble]

Don’t just declare your team in Pokemon Go but wear the colors. Show up at your next Gym Battle wearing your battle banner and let all who dare approach that this is TEAM VALOR territory now!

Metal Gear Raiden Cosplay Armor Patterns

Now you can bring some of your favorite characters to life from the Metal Gear series using these digital armor patterns to re-create a truly menacing and solidly accurate solider from the hit video game.

Metal Gear Rising Raiden’s Armor Pattern prop Cosplay

Metal Gear raiden cosplay

metal gear

raiden armor patterns

Special Instructions:

[More information listed here] Patterns for Raiden’s armor, ONLY FOR ARMORED BLACK PARTS.

Unique Size (150 to 210cm) depending on how you place the armor parts on your suit, but you can also cut the part to make them smaller.

You can use them to cut on Eva Foam each part and build your own accurate raiden’s Armor.

All patterns created by LifeSizeHeroes.

You buy a DIGITAL PATTERN to craft your own armor, not the phisical armor herself.

Pattern will be sent by once you have paid them.

[More information listed here]