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6 Great Gift Ideas to Consider for the STAR WARS Fan

Christmas is right around the corner and before you know it, it’ll be starring you down, and YOU KNOW, you won’t be ready for it. Nobody ever is, right? However, in the spirit of being ‘MORE’ proactive than I usually am, I have taken it upon myself to gather up a handful, of what will probably go down in ‘GIFT-GIVING HISTORY’ as the best roundup of gifts for the avid Star Wars Fan ever! Don’t believe me? C’mon in and be the judge!

Gift Ideas for the Avid Star Wars Fan

1. Star Wars Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Graphic design guru Tim Leong presents Star Wars trivia in an all-new way—through playful pie charts, bar graphs, and other data-driven infographics. From a Venn diagram of Yoda’s idiosyncrasies to an organizational chart of the Empire to a line graph of Grand Moff Tarkin’s management decisions, Star Wars Super Graphic shines a new light on the much-adored universe. Equal parts playful and informative, this visual love letter to the vast Star Wars universe will enchant fans for years to come.
star wars super graphic

2. Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot

The BB-8 app-enabled Droid whose movements and personality are as authentic as they are advanced. Based on your interactions, BB-8 will show a range of expressions and perk up when you give voice commands. Watch the Droid explore autonomously, or guide BB-8 yourself, or create and view holographic recordings. BB-8 is more than a toy – it’s your companion. The Force is strong with you. Channel it with the Star Wars Force Band by Sphero. Like a Jedi Knight, you can control your BB-8 App-Enabled Droid with just a wave of your hand and expand your abilities with Force Training. Use the band by itself to complete Combat Training, or collect digital holocrons in your environment through Force Awareness.
Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot

3. Darth Vader Wood Burning Portable Fire Pit

As Star Wars themed fire pits go, this is one of the few, high quality, expertly-designed and AFFORDABLE ones there is. (You can see how outrageously expensive they can get up to here). This Hand-crafted Darth Vader fire pit is made entirely by hand with a cool-touch handle and high heat satin stove paint. Crafted from a 30 pound propane tank and hand cut/formed metal, the finished size is approximately 30″ tall by 24″ wide at the hood. Talk about a ‘conversational piece’ out in the back yard!
darth vader fire pit

4. Jedi Challenges AR Headset with Lightsaber Controller

Feel the Force as you fight and hone your Jedi (or, Sith – I’m not judging) lightsaber swordsmanship with the Lenovo Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges AR headset. It works with both an iOS (iPhone) or Android smartphone to enable the game app, letting you engage in virtual Jedi duels. This Lenovo Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges AR headset includes a, lightsaber controller and a tracking beacon to arm you for battle.
Jedi Challenges AR Headset with Lightsaber Controller and Tracking Beacon

5. Star Wars The Force Awakens Chewbacca Electronic Mask

Introducing, the Chewbacca Electronic Mask! Yes, you KNOW the one I speak of! The same Chewbacca Electronic Mask made famous by the giggling mom on Youtube! This VERY cool and awesome idea for an electronic mask transforms you into the legendary wookiee and BFF to the late great Han Solo, Chewbacca. Move your mouth while wearing it to activate a variety of authentic wookiee growls and howls straight from the films! Open your mouth slightly for a light roar, then open it wider to make your wookiee roar even louder.
star wars fans

6. LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon

The most iconic vessel in the Star Wars universe, the smuggler Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon from fellow rogue Lando Calrissian in a game of sabacc. Every detail of this famous, modified Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 freighter is packed into this model, which is constructed to scale (5,195 pcs). LEGO mini-figures of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia Organa are included, so you can really replay your favorite scenes.
LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon

MUST-HAVE Star Wars Steampunk Lightsabers

Lightsabers are a dime a dozen these days right? I mean go to any Comic-Con and you choose from among hundreds of lightsabers from great manufacturers and craftsmen (Don’t get me wrong!). But if you really want your Star Wars lightsaber collection to POP! and give off that vibe of uniqueness, then you HAVE TO take a moment to consider these wonderfully designed Steampunk Lightsabers!

From the designer – These Steampunk Lightsabers began as a conglomeration of modular parts from “Build Your Own” lightsaber sets. It was heavily scarred, weathered and custom painted. Finally, the hilt was accessorized and weathered again to give it a post-apocalyptic, steampunk look before being satin finished. It’s designed to look beaten, battered and bruised, held by its master until the last stroke.

These pieces are NOT DESIGNED AS TOYS, but rather for cosplay or LARPing or simply to display and enjoy! Please keep this in mind!

Steampunk Lightsabers

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Check it out

Top Quote Of The Year – I Am One With the Force Shirts

I Am One With the Force Shirts. I am I Am One With the Force, the Force is with Me! If you’ve just seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, then I shouldn’t have to explain to you how this statement fits into the film, nor why it has become THE TRENDING QUOTE of recent days.

Over the relatively few days since I saw Rogue One, this quote – ‘I am one with the Force, and the Force is with me’ can be heard throughout my office, whispered in hushed tones before jumping into long conference calls, before giving long presentations during meetings, and in my case, before merging into heavy traffic in the throes of an icy and treacherous winter commute! I even heard a doctor say that he may even speak these powerful words before heading into difficult surgeries. It has quickly become one of the more memorable quotes of the Star Wars franchise and on a larger level, one of the more memorable quotes of the latter half of 2016.

‘I am one with the Force, the Force is with me’ in the film was spoken by none other than Chinese actor and Martial Artist Donnie Yen, who stars as Chirrut Imwe, a key player in the Rebel’s mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. Stricken with blindness, he is a highly capable hand-to-hand fighter able to take on cadres of Stormtroopers with just a wooden staff and his ‘unspecified’ understanding of the Force. There is in fact, one notable scene in the film (depicted below) which really capitalizes on this particular quote and gives it the significance is so truly deserved.




So in rememberance of Donnie Yen’s spectacular performance and a Star Wars quote that will be forever immortalized in the years to come, I give you I Am One With the Force Shirts from Redbubble’s creative Star Wars collection!

I Am One With the Force Shirts

I am One with the Force

i am one with the force
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I am one with the Force, the Force is with me

i am one with the force shirts
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I am one with the Force, the Force is with me

i am one with the force shirts
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I am one with the Force, the Force is with me

i am one with the force shirts
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I am one with the force, and the force is with me – minimalist typography

i am one with the force shirts
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Rogue One’s Darth Vader Star Wars Portrayal is the Best Ever!

Whoa!Let’s just bypass all the fluff and riga-ma-roll and jump right into it. This shouldn’t be a SPOILER, since they’ve shown this iconic character in a number of film trailers, but if it is – I sincerely apologize. But now that I think about it, if you weren’t aware he was in the film, then you’re probably not a die hard Star Wars fan and so it probably doesn’t matter anyways? But let me just dive and state for the record, that this Darth Vader Star Wars portrayal was EASILY the best we have EVER seen him.

darth vader star wars


First, the premise of the show, if you didn’t already know, was basically a small band of rebels, teaming together to try and pull of essentially the heist of the century, and steal the plan to Empire’s super weapon, the Death Star. We know from the very first Star Wars IV: A New Hope, that the rebels, led by Luke Skywalker manage to exploit that weakness in the Death Star’s construction and destroy it. This victory was made possible, by the events we see unfold in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

darth vader star wars

We also know, from the very beginning of Star Wars IV, that the film opens up with Princess Leia and the rebels, trying to outrun, Darth Vader’s Imperial Star Destroyer. Leia’s ship is captured, but before they are apprehended, she uploads the plans to the Death Star into R2-D2 and then sends both R2 and C-3PO in an escape pod to the planet Tatooine below, to which begins our long and exciting adventure with Luke and Co.

darth vader star wars

There you have it. Current situation in a nutshell. I won’t go into as to how the entire Rogue One story unfolded, as a LOT of things went down, but I will add a few links here to favorable reviews which I totally agree with:

Darth Vader Star Wars Portrayal

darth vader star wars
This is ALL based on a personal opinion, so I ENCOURAGE you to voice your own opinion in the comment section below. And please, we can do this as Star Wars die-hard fans and be civil about it!


This Darth Vader Star Wars Portrayal that I experienced in the theaters, left my jaw agape in utter amazement. I literally, sat, in stunned silence at the conclusion of the film, after witnessing DARTH VADER FINALLY RISE to level of magnificence that we all knew resided at, but never really saw. Let me explain….

We know that Anakin Skywalker (A.K.A. Darth Vader) is supposedly like the greatest, baddie, Sith Lord ever. He is the supposedly one of the most potent users of the force in the galaxy. Yes? Can we agree on that?

darth vader star wars

HOWEVER, for me, Darth Vader has always been sort of ‘ho-hum’. I mean, we’re TOLD that he is the baddest, but maybe the only time we REALLY saw this, was when he and Luke Skywalker fought at Bespin, the Cloud City, in The Empire Strikes Back. That for me, was probably the best fight scene between he and Luke of the entire series. They had a big final fight in The Return of the Jedi, but the fight in The Empire Strikes Back was much more drawn out and overall much better.

star wars

In 1999, we got Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (which I hated), however, we were given probably the greatest fight sequence of all the Star Wars series – the duel between Darth Maul (Sith), Obi-Wan (Jedi) and Qui-Gon Jinn (Jedi)

This for me was the best of the best when it came to light saber and force dueling between Jedi and Sith, and for me, anyways, it solidified Darth Maul as at least one of the most EXCITING and DYNAMIC Sith combatants around.

But Still, we were led to believe that Anakin (A.K.A Darth Vader) was the greatest of all.

This never sat well with me. I LIKED DARTH VADER….a LOT! Don’t get me wrong. But they never let him live completely up to the hype in the films, until that is….we were given maybe 2 minutes in the tail end of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. HOLY SHIT!!!

Here’s the scene

We see Lord Vader earlier in the film, but it’s nothing compared to the final minutes of the show.

Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor manage to beam the plans of the Death Star off the planet and to a waiting Rebel Starship in orbit. The Death Star ‘arrives’ and subsequently eliminates the entire Imperial base, including what’s left of our heroic rebels on the surface.

Darth Vader, then arrives, and makes his way to the Rebel starship, to re-capture the plans to the Death Star.

He boards the ship. The Rebels, are ready for him. Vader appears in one of the ship’s corridors and the Rebels open fire.

What we are then BLESSED with, is THE GREATEST SINGLE, DARTH VADER STAR WARS moment in the history of the series. It gives me chills even recalling the masterful display of the force from this most awesome of Sith Lords.

Darth Vader, at what I refer to as ‘The Vader-gait’, then proceeds to deflect every blaster bolt thrown his way with either his light saber or hand, and at the same time either deflects bolts back at the Rebels or uses his powerful command of the force to throw bodies right and left, or crush the life out of them. As he closes ground, he brings his saber to bear, slashing to and fro, cutting down hapless Rebels in his wake.

The Rebels are desperately trying to get the tape, containing the plans to the Death Star out of this corridor of ‘death’ before Vader gets to them, and eventually slip it out of a seam in the bulkhead door. Vader is just seconds too late as the Rebels ferry the plans to Princess Leia on her ship, and speeds away.





And that, ladies and gents is where I will end it!

In closing, this just in:

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story began its domestic box office marathon yesterday with a whopping $71 million Friday gross. That includes $29m in Thursday grosses, which is the biggest “preview” figure of 2016. As for the actual $71.072m Friday number, it’s the third-biggest of the year behind Captain America: Civil War ($75m) and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($81m) [Forbes]

The Empire Is Coming! 9 Rogue One Star Wars Movie Tees

9 Rogue One Star Wars Movie Tees. Anyone remember a science fiction flick back in the day (1977 to be specific), called Star Wars: A New Hope? It was a little strange at the time, about an evil empire and a rebellion, and the evil Empire had this really powerful weapon called The Death Star, that could destroy entire planets? And the rebellion needed to stop it. So along came these hapless heroes, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and his sidekick Chewbacca, to help save the day? Well, in a couple weeks, we’ll get the prequel to this film, called Rogue One, which will chronicle just how the rebellion got the blueprints that would help them destroy this Death Star weapon.

So, it’s kind’ve a big deal! And, speaking of BIG DEALS, here are 13 of some of the best available, Rogue One Star Wars Movie Tees to help get you ready and in the spirit, of arguably the biggest most anticipated film of the year!

Before we get started, if you HAVEN’T seen the latest trailer for Rogue One (for the life of me, I don’t know how you could miss this, but hey, we all get caught up in LIFE things…), here is the trailer below:

Rogue One Star Wars Movie trailer

The trailer kinda gets the juices flowing don’t it? GOOD! Then I think you’re ready to grab a teee and prepare to rebel because in a week or so, it’ll be go time!

Rogue One Star Wars Movie Tees

Rebel Alliance Rogue One Starbird Hoodie

rogue one star wars movie tees
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Star Wars: Rogue One – I Rebel

rogue one star wars movie tees
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Star Wars Rogue One K2S0

rogue one star wars movie tees
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rogue one star wars movie tees
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Go Rogue

rogue one star wars movie tees
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rogue one tee
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Rogue One Star Wars

rogue one star wars
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I Rebel

rogue one star wars movie
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K-2SO Silhouette Graphic

star wars movie
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Sixth Scale First Order Stormtrooper

There were sooooo many awesome takeaways from Star Wars The Force Awakens but none have been able to stand their ground against the First Order Stormtrooper and Finn square off outside Maz Kanata’s establishment.

[Possible Spoilers]


If you remember, while meeting with Maz Kanata, our hapless heroes, Han Solo, Chewie, Rey and Finn are caught in the middle of a First Order attack. In the chaos, Finn confronts a First Order Stormtrooper, who, upon shouting ‘TRAITOR’ to Finn, swings into a action some sort of electrified staff, which he used to immediately pummel Finn into near unconsciousness. It was a scene that immediately captured the adoration of Star Wars fans all over.


In response to excitement and enthusiasm surrounding this one-of-a-kind fight scene, Hot Toys has just recently announced their exclusive First Order Stormtrooper and Finn Sixth Scale Figure set.

star wars finn

Never before has so much attention and respect been given to a ‘lowly’ Stormtrooper until now and for good reason. This First Order Stormtrooper displayed more ‘badassery’ than we have ever seen in the Star Wars franchise.

first order stormtrooper

The highly-accurate Finn sixth scale collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of John Boyega in the film featuring a newly developed head sculpt, finely tailored outfit, LED light-up lightsaber, detailed weapons, and a hexagonal figure stand with the Resistance’s emblem.

star wars stormtrooper

The First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper is equipped with sleekly designed Stormtrooper armor and helmet, the iconic baton, a riot shield, blaster rifle, and a hexagonal figure stand with the First Order’s emblem.

first order stormtrooper figure
The First Order Stormtrooper/Finn set will run you $359.99 but that’s par for the course for quality figures like these, plus the fact that Star Wars The Force Awakens is THE show on every minds. Rest assured, payment plans are available!

Read more information on ways to own this pair here at SideShowToys


Additional Product Details

Expected to Ship: Jun 2016 – Aug 2016
Scale: Sixth Scale Figure Set
Product Size: 11.81″ H (299.97mm)


The Finn Sixth Scale Figure:
Seung-min, Kang (Head Sculpt)
JC. Hong (Head Paint)
Kojun (Head Art Direction)

The First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper Sixth Scale Figure Set:
Lok Ho (Figure Paint)
JC. Hong (Figure Art Direction)


The Finn Sixth Scale Collectible Figure specially features:

  • Authentic and detailed likeness of John Boyega as Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    Newly developed head sculpt with highly-accurate facial expression and hair sculpture
    Approximately 30 cm tall
  • Body with over 30 points of articulation
  • Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable palms including:
    – One (1) pair of fists
    – One (1) pair of relaxed palms
    – One (1) pair of palms for holding lightsaber
    – One (1) pair of palms for holding blaster
  • Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted


  • One (1) dark gray colored tee
  • One (1) beige and red colored leather-like jacket
  • One (1) pair of black colored pants
  • One (1) pair of dark colored boots


  • One (1) LED-lighted blue lightsaber (white light, battery operated)
  • One (1) lightsaber hilt
  • One (1) blaster with strap
  • Eight (8) bombs (one bomb is in its activated mode)


  • One (1) gray colored bomb bag
  • Resistance emblem hexagonal figure stand with Finn nameplate and Star Wars logo

The First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper Sixth Scale Collectible Figure specially features:

  • Authentic and detailed likeness of First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Approximately 30 cm tall
  • Body with over 30 points of articulation
  • Nine (9) pieces of interchangeable gloved palms including:
    – One (1) pair of fists
    – One (1) pair of relaxed palms
    – One (1) pair of palms for holding blaster
    – One (1) pair of palms for holding baton
    – One (1) gesturing left palm


  • One (1) streamlined designed First Order Stormtrooper armor
  • One (1) black under-suit
  • One (1) belt with pouches
  • One (1) pair of white boots


  • One (1) blaster rifle
  • One (1) baton


  • One (1) riot shield
  • First Order emblem hexagonal figure stand with First Order Stormtrooper nameplate and Star Wars logo

Top 10 Most Popular Lego Star Wars Toys

Christmas is around the corner, which is crazy, but it also means we need buckle down on last minute gift decisions, get ’em delivered, wrapped and under the tree. The nice thing is, there IS STILL PLENTY OF TIME! If you act now. And lucky for you, we have gathered together for you, the Top 10 Most Popular Lego Star Wars Toys, for that Lego/Star Wars lover in the fam!

Top 10 Most Popular Lego Star Wars Toys

LEGO Star Wars Death Star

Lego Star Wars Toys
[LEGO Star Wars Death Star – $399.95 via]  

LEGO Star Wars Rebel Trooper Battle Pack

Lego Star Wars Toys
[LEGO Star Wars Rebel Trooper Battle Pack – $29.98 via]  

LEGO Star Wars Trifighter Droid

Star Wars Droid Toy
[LEGO Star Wars Trifighter Droid – $53.98 via]  

LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter

Lego Star Wars Toys
[LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter – $175.99 via]  

LEGO Star Wars Endor Rebel Trooper and Imperial Trooper

Lego Star Wars Endor Toy
[LEGO Star Wars Endor Rebel Trooper and Imperial Trooper – $31.42 via]  

LEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper Battle Pack

Lego Star Wars Clones
[LEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper Battle Pack – $59.94 via]  

LEGO Star Wars Freeco Speeder

Lego Star Wars Speeder
[LEGO Star Wars Freeco Speeder – $47.87 via]  

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Lego Star Wars Falcon
[LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon – $247.45 via]  

LEGO Star Wars Elite Clone Trooper and Commando Droid B

Lego Star Wars Toys
[LEGO Star Wars Elite Clone Trooper and Commando Droid B – $43.99 via]  

LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack

Lego Star Wars Ewoks
[LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack – $70.99 via]

Don’t procrastinate any longer than you already have. Before you make a purchase be sure to check Amazon’s note on what is and what isn’t in stock to help you determine if that special Lego Star Wars Toy will arive on time or not. Happy Hunting and May the Force be with You!

Straight Outta Carbonite

Han Solo was famous WELL before his run-in with the notorious Boba Fett and his ultimate entrapment in carbonite, but you have to admit, that scene in Empire Strikes Back was tough to stomach. I mean, we’re talking HAN SOLO?! C’mon now?! Nevertheless, being encased in carbonite has become just as popular a term as ‘HAN SHOT FIRST’, so why not wear it right? New Star Wars Tee Shirt just recently released…

Star Wars Tee Shirt – Straight Outta Carbonite $14.99

star wars tee shirt
[Order Via –]

A Worthy Star Wars Collection

Already have a Star Wars collection? Not that the wife or significant other would agree to this (although he or she might, right?), but be truthful, would this Star Wars display look great in the Living Room? Or maybe the entry way? No? How about the Family room? Man Cave?

A Most Awesome Star Wars Collection

Star Wars

Ready to beef up that Collection? Or maybe you’re just now ready to START it? If so, Jedi Robe America is a great place to start. Head on over and check out what they have, we think you’ll be mildly surprised!

Star Wars R2 Unit USB Hub

If you’re like me, you’re always running out of USB ports to plug shit into on your laptop or MAC. Not to worry, though because you can always add a few extra USB port with the help of this awesomely crafted unit USB Hub on

Cool Features:
When you first receive the R2 USB Hub and plug it into one of your computer’s USB ports, it swivels its star-wars-r2d2head about 20 degrees left, and then back across 20 degrees to the right, and does that 3 or 4 times when plugged in. At the same time it chirps the familiar Star Wars R2D2 beeping sounds, just as you might remember in the Star Wars films.

The only bad thing is, trying to concentrate on your work at the office or workplace without being taken in, just watching the R2 Hub do its thing! It’s THAT captivating.

Here are some additional more technical details on the device:

  • Item Weight: 14.1 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 6.2 x 6 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Pattern: USB 2.0 Hub

Get more information on the Star Wars R2 unit USB Hub on

College Dorm Checklist Item – Han Solo Mini Fridge

The Summer is upon us, but before you know it, it’ll be time for college and moving day! Already you should be putting together that college dorm checklist with all the essentials, and if you’re not, consider this your ‘wake up’ call. So, why not start your checklist off with something to keep your beverages cold and within arm’s reach while coupe’d up in dorm…


When Princess Leia disguised herself as Boushh in order to crack open a frosty one, she wasn’t looking for a drink. Her tall, cold one that day happened to be none other than Han Solo himself. However, in your universe it’s probably more practical to opt for a standard refrigerator than a carbon freezing chamber (tibanna gas supplies being what they are today).

The Han Solo Fridge really is big: it can hold up to 18 cans of soda. It’s also one of those neato fridges that cools or heats its contents (depending on which temperature you need). And though the Han Solo Fridge be mighty, it’s still made to travel. It’s even got a handle on top for grabbing, which, let us tell you, is more convenient than carrying a huge block of flippin’ carbonite. Whether it’s blue milk or leftover bantha burgers, the Han Solo Fridge is ready for all your late-night bounty hunting. And by “bounty” we mean “snack.”

Product Specifications

  • Han Solo in Carbonite Fridge
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
  • Has a warm and a cool setting for keeping food either warm or cold
  • Rubber feet to protect surface
  • Red LED lighting on front (switch on back in case you don’t want it)
  • 2 removable shelves
  • Top handle for portability
  • Locking door to prevent spillage (push the second instrument panel in to release)
  • Capacity: 18 cans of soda (with shelves removed)
  • Includes fridge, removable shelf, 110V US AC power cord (for use in home), 12V DC power cord (for use in landspeeder car)
  • Cooling Capability: approx. 32-44°F
  • Heating Capability: approx. 131-149°F
  • Outer Dimensions: approx. 19″ tall x 10.75″ x 10.75″
  • Inner Dimensions: approx. 16″ tall x 8″ wide x 6″
  • Weight (empty): 9.75 lbs.

college room fridge

Han Solo Mini Fridge is available at ThinkGeek for $149.99

Star Wars R2D2 Hand Crocheted Hat

It’s never too early to start building up your wardrobe or the kids wardrobe with Star Wars apparel. With the next Star Wars film being released at the end of the year, slowly but surely gear and clothing, toys and collectibles will become harder and scarcer by the month as this most anticipated of films draws ever so closer! And, looking at the craftsmanship of this intricately designed Star Wars R2D2 hand crocheted hat now available at Etsy, only reinforces the notion that Star Wars items will go fast and soon be difficult to get.


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: love, acrylic yarn

R2-D2 hats! Perfect for the Star Wars fan in your life! Not official merchandise.

**Please allow 1 week for making your hat prior to shipping.**

THIS LISTING IS FOR ONE CHILD SIZE HAT. It measures approximately 11″ across the blue stripe on the bottom edge and is meant to be worn a little looser than a regular beanie. (the model featured wears this a little loose on her 20″ head.) It is 7.5″ from crown to edge. Please double check the measurement provided before purchasing.

Handmade by FroggyPrincess in a smoke free, pet free home. Machine or hand wash in cold, lay flat to dry.

Please check the FroggyPrincess shop for other sizes as larger sizes will be listed separately.

Please contact the FroggyPrincess shop for a shipping quote for international orders. Prices for shipping will include insurance and paypal fees.

The Star Wars R2D2 Hand Crocheted Hat is available now at