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Epic Dungeon and Dragon Critical Hit d20 Mug!

dungeon and dragon mug

Pencils, paper, dice, miniatures, rule books. These are the essential components of a pen-and-paper gaming session. But eating and drinking becomes an inseparable part of the roleplaying experience for most players. Who doesn’t have fond memories of a long dungeon crawl the players slogged through fortified only by Cheetos and Mountain Dew? As we grew older our tastes turned to actual food, beer, and that magical elixir of late-night gaming – coffee. Better than a wine skin, this Dungeon and…

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5 D & D Tees You May Not Be Worthy Enough to Wear!

D & D tee

D & D (or, Dungeons & Dragons) could be considered a ‘right of passage’ for those inclined to join up with The Geekocracy. In fact, it may even be written somewhere that for anyone to even be considered legitimately a geek or nerd, one must have played a minimal number of hours slaying beasts and rolling crits! And even then, one may just barely be considered worthy enough to don one of these remarkably designed D & D tees now…

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