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Comic Book Store Blues in Boise

My long time favorite local Comic Book store in Boise, The Paper Back Place recently closed down shop….another great comic book store in a line of great comic book stores over the years in Boise to eventually shut their doors. The notion that ‘they will be missed’ is an understatement. I have now had to go all in with Captain Comics just outside the Boise downtown, and although they have a great set-up and excellent selection, they have a ‘policy’…

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Gear & Apparel

5 Great Looking Marvel Ant Man Tees For Serious Fans


Marvel’s highly anticipated film Ant-man, starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, opens in theaters across the nation this Friday, July 17th. I for one, will definitely be there, front and center to once again, take in the ‘Marvel-madness’ that is the Marvel cinematic universe! But to truly show my colors, it would behoove me to dress appropriately for the occasion with one of these creatively design Marvel Ant Man tees currently available. Marvel Ant Man Tees Pym Technologies – Ant…

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