24 Sites to Read Manga Online Free

Where to Read Manga Online Free. There’s been a better time to be born than in today’s high-tech, hyper-connected world, where so many services and products are at your beck-and-call at the swipe of a finger or the click of a button. Back in the day, you had to make your way to the local bookstore to purchase your favorite Japanese Manga. Now? There are a ton of digital destinations where you can read Manga online free. You may already know some of these hotspots, but let’s see if you know all of these listed below?!


10 Badly Needed Ghost in the Shell Shirts

Who needs Ghost in the Shell shirts? Actually, who DOESN’T need Ghost in the Shell Shirts? With the recent release of the first full length trailer to the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie starring Scarlett Johannsen, everyone is in the zone and talking about he cool possibilities this film is going to bring the big screen.

Ghost in the Shell is a Japanese media franchise originally published as a manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow. The manga, first serialized in 1989 under the subtitle of The Ghost in the Shell, and later published as its own tankōbon volumes by Kodansha, told the story of the fictional counter-cyberterrorist organization Public Security Section 9, led by protagonist Major Motoko Kusanagi, in the mid 21st century of Japan.

The Ghost in the Shell film will release in March of 2017, and will star Avenger’s Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson.

Ghost in the Shell Shirts

Ghost in the Shell

ghost in the shell shirt
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Ghost in the Shell Laughing

ghost in the shell shirt
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Ghost in the Shell

ghost in the shell shirt
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Ghost in the Shell Arise

ghost in the shell arise shirt
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Ghost in the Shell

ghost in the shell t-shirt
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Public Security Section 9

section 9 security
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Public Security Section 9

public security section 9
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ghost in the shell t shirt
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Section 9 Gold Seal – Ghost in the Shell

ghost in the shell shirt
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Tachikoma Squad

Tachikoma Squad
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And, in case you missed it, here is the latest, full length Ghost in the Shell trailer just released:

Best Anime Show On TV

EASILY the best Anime show currently airing, One Punch Man. Normally I’d rant and rave about the show, but I rather have you go out, find it online and WATCH. You really have to see this show for yourself. Fantastic animation, fluid and smooth, quirky but entertaining story line and action like no other.

Anyways, I lied, here is a reeeeaaally quick breakdown of ONE PUNCH MAN. Just promise as soon as you leave here you check out episode I at the minimum


The story takes place in the fictional Japanese metropolis of City Z. The world is full of strange monsters that mysteriously appear and cause disasters. Saitama, the protagonist, is an incredibly powerful hero who easily defeats the monsters or other villains with a single punch. However, due to his overwhelming strength, Saitama has become bored with his powers and is constantly trying to find stronger opponents who can fight him.

On his adventures, he meets new friends, enemies, and his own disciple, the cyborg Genos, and joins the Heroes Association in order to gain fame for all of his efforts to defeat evil. Despite defeating many strong monsters that even the Heroes Association’s top members are unable to defeat, Saitama struggles to gain respect. Most people look down on him due to his plain physical appearance, and some accuse him of being a counterfeit hero. Only a small number of individuals recognize his incredible talent and humility towards others.

You know how I like to roll! When I like a show, I have to scour both high and low for any and all interesting pieces of gear, apparel and collectibles specific to the show and ONE PUNCH MAN is no exception. Here are some of the many great graphic tees I came across.

Saitama Punch – One Punch Man

one punch man
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One Punch Man – Saitama

One Punch Man
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One Punch Man Grey

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One Punch Man – OK

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One punch man logo

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One Punch Man Face

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One Punch Man Hero

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One Punch Man Workout

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Read Tokyo Ghoul? Now See 5 Uniquely Drawn T-Shirts!

Whether you’ve read Tokyo Ghoul or watched Tokyo Ghoul or found a Tokyo Ghoul download, you’ve more than likely geek’d out over the popular series as much as we did when we first watched. But why end it there? Why not show how big a fan you really are with these creatively illustrated Tokyo Ghoul shirts available on And at the bottom of this article, a bonus design from another equally popular Anime currently airing.

Fan Freak
tokyo ghoul fan freak shirt
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tokyo ghoul kaneki
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Tokyo Ghoul
read tokyo ghoul
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Tokyo Ghoul Logo
tokyo ghoul logo shirt
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Commission of Counter Ghoul
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And, for the BONUS…..

A cartoon drawn look at Korosensei from another popular Anime – Assassination Classroom!

Koro Sensei
assassination classroom
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Suburu Forester Commercial is Terrifying But Awesome!

If you’re even HALF Geek, then you have to know about the hit Anime TV series Attack on Titan. In the series, giant beings referred to as titans wreak havoc on the human race, devouring and killing all they find, as mankind does its utmost to fight back and survive. In the show, the titans are terrifying. Imagine now, seeing the Titans in this live action Suburu Forester commercial.

Tell you what, if you had more commercials like this, you’d get a LOT more eyeballs!

Where to Watch Free Anime Episodes Online [UPDATED]

I will go out on a limb and assume that if you are reading this, that you very well know what Anime is, however in the off chance that you don’t, let me give you a really brief idea of what Anime is, what’s the difference between Anime and Manga, and where you can go online to watch free Anime episodes.

If you are already well aware of what Anime is, skip below to the list we have compiled as to where to Watch Free Anime Episodes Online.

Watch Anime Online

Attack On Titan

Brief on Anime
Anime originates from Japan and is essentially their version of what we in America consider cartoons or animated features. It is often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastic themes. When we talk about Anime, this could include animated television series, short films and full-length feature films.

Anime has a tremendously, large audience in Japan and recognition throughout the world, and has steadily grown in popularity in the United States in leaps and bounds. You can find instances of Anime influence throughout American culture today, from movies, to toys, to comic book conventions and costume play.

Watch Anime Online

Ghost in the Shell

Difference between Anime and Manga
You may of also heard the term ‘Manga.’ The term ‘Manga’ is a Japanese word referring both to comics and cartooning. ‘Manga’ as a term used outside Japan refers specifically to comics originally published in Japan.

Put simply, where Anime is more of the animated-sort, you can equate Manga to comic books and illustrative graphic novels in the U.S. Manga can include work in a broad range of genres: action-adventure, romance, sports and games, historical drama, comedy, science fiction and fantasy, mystery, suspense, detective, horror, sexuality, and business/commerce, among others.

Where to Watch Free Anime Episodes Online
Now the question becomes, where can you watch Anime on the Web? To that we say, there are many places you can watch, and with all due respect, probably more places than we can identify and muster on one post. However, we have made a serious attempt to list a bunch here for your review. And, if you are reading this, and have an online channel you typically use to watch free Anime episodes online, and don’t see it on our list, please help us and other readers out by listing it in the comments below. We’d very appreciate it. Thanks.

Anilinkz – (
Our pick for one of the more extensive collections available.

Anime Center – (

Watch – (
Not a bad site. A decent size collection but not as large as say, Anilinkz.

Watch Anime On – (
A strong collection of titles plus a nice to be able to search by ‘genre’ rather than just alphabetical order.

My Anime Stream – (
Not a very large selection.

Anime Sub – (
Very small Anime selection and not a visibly pleasing site.

Anime Exceed – (
Opposite of Anime Sub (above), with a good size collection, search by title or genre and a well designed site.

Anime Ram – (
Cool feature here, search by ‘Random Anime’. Nice esepcially if you don’t know much about Anime and want to check out some randoms titles/genres.

Go Go Anime – (
Claims to be the world’s largest free Anime site but that’s debatable.

Anime1 – (
Good looking site, good size collection, search by Ongoing, Genre, Latest Episodes, Latest Anime or Most popular.

Love My Anime – (

Eyes on Anime – (
Fairly decent Anime collection and a variety of methods to search for a particular series.

Kuro Anime – (
Search is a bit more visually pleasing since search results are images rather than list, however it can be a bit tedious searching through all that.

Anime Fate – (

UAnime – (
Relatively small collection considering. I like the preview slider bar on the fron page with new Summer 2013 additions.

English Animes – (

Watch Anime Stream – (

Anime Season – (
A very good selection of Anime titles with great search functionality and filters for ease of finding what you are looking for.

Anime Hub – (

Watch Cartoon Online – (

Otaku Streamers – (

Good Anime – (

9anime – (

animeheaven – ( – (

For Android Mobile Devices

AnimeDLR – (

Animania – (

NOT FREE Anime Channels

VRV – (

Please note that at any time any of these sites listed could be ‘de-listed’ by Google or any other search engine due to various possible copyright infringements or whatnot, so its always good to have 2 or 3 that you like, bookmarked away in case one disappears at any point in time.

The list could conceivably go on, as sites literally come and go on a continuous basis, though many of the ones we have listed seemed to of figure out how to survive. In any case, we don’t know everything and would be appreciative if you could add to the list in the comments below in order to help make this list as complete as possible. Thanks!