Spider-Man: Homecoming Proves Why Marvel Studios Needs to Take Over

spiderman homecoming
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Spider-Man: Homecoming just demonstrated to the world, why Marvel Studios should take over control of Marvel character properties. I’m not rantin’ the typical “Boo Hoo, all the other companies (SONY, 20th Century FOX, etc) are just screwing up Marvel characters…” I’m saying, after having just watched Spider-Man: Homecoming, I am convinced now, that Marvel Studios has created the PERFECT cinematic environment to accurately and convincingly bring these characters to life….PROPERLY. Let me explain.

First off, since the film has only just come out as of this Spider-Man: Homecoming Review, many of you might have not seen it yet. Warnings, there are SPOILERS AHEAD, so if you have not watched the film yet, go watch it then come back. I’d love to hear your take in the comments below.

If you have seen Spider-Man: Homecoming, please continue!

spider-man: homecoming review

One Universe

spiderman homecoming
The overarching reason WHY Marvel Studios can most effectively bring our iconic comic book characters to life, is because THEY HAVE THE UNIVERSE!

I knew this going in to the film and it was even more evident as the film progressed, with links here and there to the rest of the Marvel Universe, as told through films like The Avengers and others.

Take for instance, the fact that Tony Stark, his Chauffeur Happy, and Pepper Potts make appearances throughout the film. The references to events that took place in the Avenger films. All this seeking to tie Spider-Man: Homecoming into the rest of the Marvel Universe, which is how it is in the Comic Books.

Spider-man does not live on an island separate from all other Marvel heroes and villains. He shows up across the board in a variety of comic book titles and this is how it should be in film. And ONLY Marvel Studios can effectively make that happen.

One Frickin’ GOOD Villain

spider-man: homecoming
One of the big gripes I had with every previous Spider-man film was the inclusion of too many villains. It seemed like every Spider-man film had one, two, sometimes three villains making appearances? This was absolutely NOT necessary. Spider-man has some good villains who can stand on their own in a film. We don’t need to cram every villain into one film. It was almost as if movie makers were unsure whether or not they would get a sequel and wanted to make sure they got as much in as possible.

NOT NECESSARY! Write up ONE good villain and build that character up. Elementary shit. Keep it simple!

Michael Keaton, besides being a brilliant actor, played a very real and believable bad guy. Sure there were some ‘minor’ villian characters involved, but for the most part they were way overshadowed by Keaton’s portrayal of The Vulture.

Great, NOT SILLY Humor

spider-man: homecoming
The humor was top-notch. It wasn’t corny and it didn’t look like they were TRYING to be funny. It was natural and fit what we knew to be the character personalities.

We had a taste of Peter Parker in Avengers: Civil War and we’ve had plent of opportunity to get to know Tony Stark’s personality. So when they had their awesome and hilarious scenes and dialog, we KNEW what to expect and they delivered as anticipated, right in-character.

Supporting cast also had great moments and it was all very natural from the opening (which was a VERY unique and original opening to the film as only Marvel Studios could do) on through to the very last frame of the film, which left you absolute rolling in laughter.

Action Was Non-stop

spider-man: homecoming
Light, camera, ACTION! That’s what the film had. It wasn’t wall-to-wall action but it was enough and just in the right doses that you plowed through the 2hr 13min film like nothing.

New Era

Spider-man: Homecoming has RESET the bar for the Spider-man franchise. Question is, how long before SONY comes back along and screws it up again?

Here is the trailer for those that aren’t as familiar with this latest Spider-man release…

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