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It doesn’t get much better year-after-year than seeing the steady advance of Sci-Fi movie special effects. Unfortunately, Hollywood doesn’t always place much value in the hard work, long hours, effort and creativity that goes into bringing these fantastic realities to life on the big screen.

And even though we don’t always get our due as Best Picture, the Visual Effects category is all ours! The initial group of 10 candidates has already been chosen (for the most part) and from this, the field will be reduced to 5 or so.

Here are the contenders and our choice for the Academy in Visual Effects!

Man of Steel, surprisingly didn’t even make this initial group of 10, which is unfortunate being that I felt the effects there were better than anything seen in World War Z or The Lone Ranger? The effects on Krypton, flying sequences by Superman and the final battle with Zod were quality!

But of the 10 listed above, I’m giving the nod for the Academy to Gravity (See – How ‘Gravity’ Revolutionized Visual Effects and Blasted Sandra Bullock Into Space), although I am torn between this and Pacific Rim (See – ‘Pacific Rim’: A monster challenge for special effects).

sci-fi movie special effects
I have seen a LOT of film, both good and bad and some very inspiring sci-fi special effects along this wonderful journey, but ‘Gravity’ changed the game. There have been more than enough articles on the monumental feat accomplished by Alfonso Cuarón, and rightfully so. Gravity has ushered in a higher form of visual effects that will influence sci-fi movies for years to come and for this, I am confident that GRAVITY will take home the Oscar.

What Do You Think?
Of the 10 sci-fi movies listed above, who would you give the Oscar to? And better yet, is there a film MISSING on this list which you feel deserves consideration for the coveted award?

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