Read Tokyo Ghoul? Now See 5 Uniquely Drawn T-Shirts!

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Whether you’ve read Tokyo Ghoul or watched Tokyo Ghoul or found a Tokyo Ghoul download, you’ve more than likely geek’d out over the popular series as much as we did when we first watched. But why end it there? Why not show how big a fan you really are with these creatively illustrated Tokyo Ghoul shirts available on And at the bottom of this article, a bonus design from another equally popular Anime currently airing.

Fan Freak
tokyo ghoul fan freak shirt
[via $24.80]

tokyo ghoul kaneki
[via $24.64]

Tokyo Ghoul
read tokyo ghoul
[via $27.90]

Tokyo Ghoul Logo
tokyo ghoul logo shirt
[via $22.40]

Commission of Counter Ghoul
[via $23.77]

And, for the BONUS…..

A cartoon drawn look at Korosensei from another popular Anime – Assassination Classroom!

Koro Sensei
assassination classroom
[via RedBubble $22.40]

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