Adi Shankar, was Producer for Lone Survivor [2013] and Dredd [2012] and created the short, Punisher: Laundry Day, starring Thomas Jane as Frank Castle and Ron Perlman [Sons of Anarchy, Pacific Rim], which is now cresting at 5mil+ views on YouTube.

Punisher: Laundry Day starts off as unassuming and ‘normal’ as any typical day in the city, with Frank Castle, minding his own business and out and about taking his clothes to the laundromat. As hard as he tries to stay focused on the ‘difficult’ task at hand, he can’t help but to take interest in a group of thugs bullying a young kid into running drugs for them. Frank intervenes and all Hell breaks lose. It’s quick, its actually VERY violent, but it’s the Punisher in all his glory. Justice is swift.

Its surprising that such a simple and basic short still holds its ground after all this time. Definitely a sign to the great ‘movie makers’ in the sky that someone needs to reboot the Punisher, and soon! It’s got my vote, and I wouldn’t mind having Adi Shankar and Thomas Jane leading the charge!

Watch it here – Punisher: Dirty Laundry