Here is a compilation of Man of Steel/Superman shirts currently available at online stores across the Web… $19.99 – UBU Unlimited This one sold on Ubu Unlimited falls more in line with the overall theme of the film which many who saw it described as ‘darker’ than the other Superman movie attempts. $15.36 – Hot Topic Even more-so than the first Man of Steel shirt, this dark and rocky grey logo tee is even more foreboding, and really speaks to the dark and calamitous events that both kick off the

Let me first state that, Yes, I did read the, what I consider the best zombie book ever written, World War Z, by Max Brooks, several years ago. So before anyone asks if I had read the book the answer is a resounding yes! And even though I went into the theater understanding that the story I was about to see was not going to be like the book but loosely based on it, I still had very high hopes for its success. Boy was that an understatement. The movie

I know I wasn’t the only one who was skeptical having Ashton Kutcher (That 70s Show) play the iconic master of Apple, but after watching this first trailer release from the upcoming film, you be the judge. Also, if you you’re not entirely up to speed on the rise of Steve Jobs, I recommended picking up the book by Walter Isaacson:

Managed to take in an early showing of This Is The End and not surprisingly, it was exactly how I expected it to be – vulgar, hilarious, silly at times, but all freakin’ good! You want to be entertained, have you cheek bones ache afterwards from smiling and laughing your ass off? See it….see it now! Cast To try and list the cast of this film would be like listing the who’s who in comedy TV and film. I mean everywhere you turned, every scene, you caught a glimpse of

We’re already hearing the rumors. After the solid performance of Man of Steel at the box office, talk is already working itself around that a sequel is on the burner and that more than likely, it may be fast-tracked to a preliminary 2014 release date. Impressive on any level. In light of this, its definitely NOT too soon to start speculating on who will be the challenger to try his metal against the Kryptonian Bruiser? Lex Luthor **Spoiler** For those who have seen Man of Steel and paid attention, there

Well folks, the record books have once again been rewritten, with the Man of Steel opening up this Father’s Day weekend at $125 million, making it the largest June opener of all time. Surprised? No. Happy? Yes. And, although it wasn’t as good as The Avengers it was far better than The Avengers, despite the fact that tony stark and company will probably come in one of the top money making films of the year. Please elaborate? Indeed! Let me go on record that my all time favorite comic book

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