After witnessing the utter annihilation of Metropolis in Man of Steel and absolute destruction on such an epic scale by beings from Krypton, it got me thinking about the on-again, off-again filming of a possible Justice League story? Rumor has it that the “primary five” – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern will be the heroes most likely to kick this off. And given this, and the leveling of Metropolis by just a few of these super beings, what can we expect when the ‘super 5’ of the Justice League take on what will most likely be a being of equal destructive power like Darkseid or maybe even a Brainiac? [more...]

Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica … those are just some of the many amazing science fiction films out there. For those who are fascinated with space “the final frontier”, they would be familiar with such titles. They probably have gone far more than just watching the movies. Once you get hooked, everything else follows. You watch the movies, read the comic books, play the video games, collect the action figures and read the novels. [more...]

Geeks used to be the outcasts. They were seen as “uncool” and if you were labeled as a geek, it was a sign that your place in the social hierarchy was low. All of that has changed, geeks are now considered to be the cool ones and they are looked up to, respected, and even emulated by others. [more...]

Remember the kid in the school who sat alone at lunch? Who wandered aimlessly around the school, detached, seemingly anti-social? The kid everyone begged to slide them the answers to that impossible test question? The kid, whose picture in yearbook, no one could quite nail down? The kid you essentially never knew or saw because no one paid them any mind? Yes, that kid. Well some of these ‘Geeks’ may just be your boss. Some of the kids may just be the future architects of the world as you know it. Here are some of these ‘kids’ who have achieved greatness! [more...]

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