Last night the television studios gave fandom a treat, with the popular series Supergirl airing its 18th episode titled ‘World’s Finest’ with guest appearance by CW’s The Flash. Supergirl AND Flash together, conversing and fighting side-by-side, each from a different television station. The stars must truly be aligning themselves after all this time! [more...]

Finally got around to watching Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and since there was so much crap that went on in the movie, I am now rushing to get my thoughts down before I irretrievably lose them. In a nutshell, thought it was OKAY, had some good ideas, just wasn’t put together in the best possible manner. I did like it more than Avengers: Age of Ultron though, so that’s saying something. [more...]

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters in May but already the frenzy for the film is building at a frenetic pace, especially on the heels of the latest Captain America: Civil trailer released last week – which depicted (among other things…) a most awesome BLACK PANTHER and surprise surprise, an appearance by the webslinger himself, Spider-Man. And, despite this being a Captain America film, the talk of the town has been Spider-Man and Black Panther. That being said, Black Panther shirts are popping up all over, with 5 of them depicted right here! [more...]

Ladies… Although there are millions of women fully engaged and knowledgeable about the comic book anti-hero known as Deadpool, there are undoubtedly thousands, maybe even just hundreds, that are not. Now, for those of you who may NOT be as well versed in who or what Marvel Deadpool is, consider this ‘guide’ a quick, and easy-to-follow resource for you to browse through and learn everything you need to know, before the movie hits the theaters, nationwide on February 12th. [more...]

The Dead Pool Movie is nearly here (Feb. 12th to be exact), so what are we, less than a month out? Ask yourself this, do you have ANY Deadpool gear whatsoever to wear to the premiere? If not you better get going before items start running out. Here are a few items I’ve come across that seem to be both pretty unique and creative enough to get a few heads turning (that is what you want right?) [more...]

I am going to assume that the majority of folks on planet earth have already seen Star Wars Episodes I, II, III, IV, V, VI and the just recently released episode VII. And now that we have a whole heap of Star Wars history now under our belts, pioneering and inventive fans have come up with a couple well done videos depicting both Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi, remembering their past kinship and the tragedies that set them both on separate paths. Creative, inventive and funny. Watch them both here! [more...]

The droid BB-8 in the latest (and greatest) release for the Star Wars franchise was a breakout performance and the same could be said for the Sphero BB-8 App-enabled Droid toy that was THE HOT seller this past Christmas. But Sphero (manufacturer) is taking BB-8 to an entirely other level with a wearable device that will allow the user the ability to control the Sphero BB-8 Droid with hand gestures alone. Check this out! [more...]

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