The Nike promo turbines are firing on all cylinders, exciting and firing up football faithfuls in preparation for this week’s kickoff of the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brasil, with an animated short special featuring ‘some’ of the world’s greatest footballers.

I love watching the creatives working for Nike churn out magic at the outset of any large sporting event and especially when it involves soccer…er football, since I am an avid fan and player of the sport [in addition to being as Geek as Geek can be!]

In Nike Football: The Last Game, some misguided corporate types [Perfect Inc.] have decided that traditional football players are too reckless, take too many risks and are fundamentally flawed, taking away from the ‘efficiency’ of the game. As a result cloned players are formed and ultimately oust the ‘real’ stars from the sport – Perfect Inc. claiming that it is what the ‘people’ truly want to see.

But Brazilian star Ronaldo is having none of it, and rallies together the world’s best to reclaim their spot in football, by challenging the cloned footballers and showing the people, what football is REALLY about!

Not only a great story and something to really get us excited about seeing many of these stars on the pitch in the coming days, but the animated take on bringing this together is just what us GEEKS like to see.

Nike Football: The Last Game