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Wonder Woman is finally going to get her due. Fans have been clamoring for a return of the Amazonian to TV and film and they’re finally going to get their wish. Actress Gal Gadot has been pegged to play the new Wonder Woman, to appear in the tentatively named Batman vs Superman, out in 2015. But not everyone is on-board with the choice. Here are 5 better choices we think could be a better new Wonder Women.

First off, Gal Gadot is very pretty, but there’s something about her that doesn’t fit the Wonder Woman mold (no perceived toughness and definitely not the perceived build I would envision of Wonder Woman). In my opinion, not even Linda Carter properly fit the bill. She was pretty, in a 1970s sort of way, but she wasn’t a fighter, even on a good day!

As our creativity and imagination has changed over the years, we are better able to visualize a Wonder Woman, worthy of her legacy in the comics. Take for instance her short but impressive instance in this cinematic for the video game DC Universe Online:

That’s no Linda Carter and certainly no Gal Gadot. But her are 5 that shoulda-coulda been chosen as the New Wonder Woman of the new millennium:

Gina Carano

New Wonder WomanGina Carano, the American-born actress, fitness model and former mixed martial arts, skilled in muay thai kick boxing should of been a shoe-in for an Amazonian female warrior, wouldn’t you think? She’s already showed her shit in the much underrated Haywire and Fast & Furious 6, so we know she can act AND fight AND look extremely hot while doing so.

Want to see her in action? Get Fast & Furious 6 and Haywire (highly recommended) here and see for yourself. Understand that of the 5 listed her, Carano is my choice for top contender, having the brawn, toughness and fantastically HOT looks to pull off Wonder Woman’s re-emergence!

She was born to play freakin’ Wonder Woman?! Don’t get me started…

Jaimie Alexander

New Wonder Woman Jaimie Alexander should still be fairly fresh in that bucket of grey matter on your shoulders. She played the part of Lady Sif in Thor and Thor: The Dark World, so don’t even start to say she can’t play that warrior female role. She was more convincing as an Asgardian warrior than Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg put together.

Alexander, like Carano, fits the tough girl/pretty girl mold that is Wonder Woman, AND she has played the warrior woman to specs. Only ‘speed-bump’ here (and it’s a big one), is that she’s a Marvel girl… not DC. Think that’d be a problem?

Need to be reminded? Pick up Thor here and you be the judge.

Kate Beckinsale

New Wonder WomanKate Beckinsale, the U.K. born actress that… what a minute?! You DON’T know Kate Beckinsale? You know Kate? The one who played the ass-kicking, vampire and lycan ownin’ Death Dealer, Selene in the Underworld trilogy? Or later was wiping the floor with Colin Farrell’s ass as Lori Quaid in the reboot of Total recall?

Of all the ladies here, Beckinsale has some of the ‘softest’ looks of the bunch but has also been able to play those ass-kicking roles – a tough assignment for an absolutely gorgeous woman like herself.

If you haven’t seen Underworld, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Underworld: Awakening or Total Recall, get them her and watch!

Katee Sackhoff

New Wonder WomanI have not seen any article that has chosen Battlestar Galactica’s original tough girl, Katie Sackhoff as a possible contender for the New Wonder Woman role? Forget that she’s a blonde, Hollywood can fix that! She played the Hell out of Starbuck in the critically acclaimed re-creation of Battlestar Galactica and then made a second pass at the tough gal role as Dahl in Riddick (2013). Buffed out (check out her arms in Riddick) and hot, Sackhoff will kick Superman’s ass just for wearing that spandex.

Check her out in Battlestar Galactica and Riddick and let me know what you think.

Maggie Denise Quigley

New Wonder WomanGood lord dude! Really? I can already hear fanboys screaming foul. I decided for my last choice to take a different direction, mix it up with some diversity and a new look by choosing the Polish-Irish American and Vietnamese actress, who starred in Priest, Nikita, Live Free or Die Hard, and Mission Impossible III, Maggie Q.

Exotically beautiful and a proven female action star, she’s got MOST of what we need (bust may be lacking, but Hollywood’s best can fix that!). I liked Maggie Q in the films she was in and if something more diverse were to be considered, she would be a good choice.

Interested in seeing more of Maggie Q in action? Check out Priest, Live Free or Die Hard, and Mission Impossible III here.

Comic Book Movie has a list of potential actresses for the new Wonder Woman, but besides the ones we have chosen here, the rest are all looks but no REAL brawn and toughness. Wonder Woman has got to be an equal mix of the two to be convincing as an Amazonian crime fighting femme fatale. Think a little Megan Fox and a little ‘Mother Russia’ from Kick Ass 2. Many have taken a liking to Bridget Regan (doesn’t seem to have the build for an Amazonian), Lynn Collins (an acceptable choice, but not on my top 5), Katrina Law (looks don’t do it for me…despite her success in Spartacus), and Gemma Arterton (also a possible choice but not my top 5).

Again, this is not an all inclusive list, nor was it meant to be, but a highly filtered list of potential choices based on past film roles, looks and perceived toughness. Of course none of these women would meet the height requirements for a true Wonder Woman, but then, what real woman would right? To each their own, though I would love to hear your choices AND reasons why, other than just because!