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Tom Hardy as Mad Max is back, with an all new, rather lengthy (over 2min) action-packed Mad Max trailer from the mind of George Miller. Mad Max Fury Road!

World Gone F$#@%ing Mad!

What we see in this newest Mad Max trailer is a would completely gone bat-shit crazy, and I’m talking 10 times crazier than what we saw in the original Mad Max and Road Warrior films. Explosions, desert car chases and battles, people crazed out of their minds, outlandish garb and more, with the only somewhat normal looking character being Max himself.

The camera work in this trailer is truly remarkable and although I was somewhat ‘lukewarm’ in my initial reaction to Mad Max Fury Road when the first short teaser was released, this new Mad Max trailer has got me hyped! See the trailer below!

Mad Max Trailer:

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