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A long awaited Deadpool movie script is complete and Director Tim Miller is ready and rearing to roll on the project as soon as he gets the green light although a Deadpool movie release date (let alone a production date) has not yet been established. There is one…er..big issue remaining however.

Ryan Reynolds

Marvel Deadpool Movie ReleaseIf you remember, Actor Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool in the train wreck of a movie that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now given Deadpool’s comedic role and goofish behavior, I would normally of agreed that Reynolds might be a good fit for the role, however, there is an issue.

Ryan Reynolds also starred as another iconic superhero from the DC Universe, Green Lantern. Also a train wreck of a movie, unfortunately.

Someone ought to cry party foul on this or throw the yellow flag for ‘Unsportsmanlike Conduct’ as there are a couple infractions here.

  1. Limit One Superhero role allowed. Actors and actresses should only be allowed to star as one superhero or villain. Having Reynolds star as Green Lantern and Deadpool is wrong. What, do we have a shortage of eligible actors or something? And Deadpool is not the only culprit. There is a similar issue brewing with having Ben Affleck star as Daredevil and now on the docket to star as the new Batman. Don’t get me started…
  2. No Flip-flopping between Comic universes! It’s bad enough to have an actor play two different heroes, but now you have the same actor playing a superhero from the DC Universe and now the Marvel universe. That’s just wrong on a molecular level! Shouldn’t be allowed, nope, nada, hell naw!

Good news, we’re going to possibly get a Deadpool movie release soon – bad news, we still have some details to mash out!

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