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The war between Marvel and DC is hitting full stride now and we, the fans, are the lucky beneficiaries. Right on the heels of one of DC’s ‘best’ comic book films to-date (behind Wonder Woman), Justice League, Marvel fires a salvo of their own, releasing the first, highly anticipated teaser trailer for Marvel Avengers Infinity War!

There’s a lot to see in the trailer, as we fully expected, having so many characters involved in arguably the biggest event in comic book movie history!

Not going to dive into all the faces we see, how awesome THANOS looks, the battles, the apparent tragedies… just going to let you dive in, and let it all soak in! Leave your thoughts down below in the comments!

Marvel Avengers Infinity War Trailer

More Images from Marvel Avengers Infinity War:

marvel avengers infinity war
Dr. Banner, A.K.A. The Hulk
marvel avengers infinity war
Spider-Man on the scene
the avengers infinity war
Strange, Banner, Wong and Stark
infinity war
Cap is back!
marvel avengers infinity war
Vision getting stone taken
marvel avengers infinity war
Thanos adds another stone to the gauntlet
the avengers
Thanos with Gauntlet
avengers infinity war
Black Panther with Wakandan Fighters
guardians of the galaxy
Thor meets up with the Guardians
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