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Remember the Disney film The Black Hole? The 1979 science fiction film about the USS spacecraft Palomino, returning to Earth after finishing up a very long mission exploring deep space, come across a black hole in space, and discover the scientific spaceship, USS Cygnus near to it. Craziness ensues and our intrepid crew of the Palomin ends up fighting for their lives, during which time, a robot named V.I.N.CENT (“Vital Information Necessary CENTralized”), one of the crew of the Palomino, and a fan favorite, helps saves the day.

On the auction block as we speak… the perfect desktop fixture!

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The Geekocracy

The Geekocracy

Dave Lawyer is an avid Blogger, Card-Carrying-Geek and Founder of The Geekocracy, with an origin story that includes copious amounts of D & D in the eighties, comics, anime, TV & film. If you would like to connect with David, give him a shout-out on Twitter