Let The Guy In The Wookie Bathrobe Win!

Wookie Bathrobe
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Can you imagine, stepping out of that hot shower, your companion in the next room, waiting for you to emerge to slip into the sack and cuddle (or whatever…), and you step out of the bathroom as the most famous Wookie this side of the galaxy, Chewbacca?! Your partner let’s out a GASP, just as you let loose the Wookie roar! Sounds a little far-fetched? Not anymore. Not with the Wookie Bathrobe!

Wookie Bathrobe The first thing you’ll notice when you slip into this robe is how soft and comfortable it is: like slipping into a freshly slaughtered Tauntaun (but without the smell). But really, the Chewbacca Robe is just what every Jedi needs to keep warm after a shower or on a lazy weekend. And if you are really sick, you can always pretend you’ve hunted and stuffed Ewoks and sewed them into a robe. ‘Cause everyone knows they should have been Wookiees, too. Chewie rules!

Product Specifications

  • Warm and soft robe lets you relax in style
  • Officially licensed Lucasfilm collectible
  • Look like your favorite furry smuggler
  • Front pockets for carrying extra blasters and ammo, or munchies
  • Dimensions – Length: 49 inches, Waist: Up to 50 inches, Sleeves: 34 inches
  • Material :100% polyester. Outer lining is plush and inner lining is fleece. Both are made of 100% polyester fiber

The Wookie Bathrobe is $79.99 at ThinkGeek.com

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The Geekocracy

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