A Candid Justice League Film Review

Justice League Film Review
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Justice League opened, OFFICIALLY, nationwide on November 17th. On Thursday, November 16th, Rotten Tomatoes released their Justice League Film Review, giving it an unsympathetic 40% on their Tomatometer. Early Justice League Film Reviews by mainstream, movie critics were for the most part, not surprisingly harsh, and everything seemed as it always was. Only that, Justice League is NOT as bad as it is portrayed to be. Let me explain.

Justice League Film Synopsis

Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists newfound ally Diana Prince to face an even greater threat. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to recruit a team to stand against this newly awakened enemy. Despite the formation of an unprecedented league of heroes – Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash – it may be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.

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Justice League Film Review

I have always ‘cautiously’ approached DC films with measured expectations. I have been disappointed far too many times in the past with their ‘lackluster’ attempt to bring storied comic heroes to life on the big screen and now set my expectations accordingly. I figure if I set the bar low, it’ll be tough to walk out disappointed.

I will say right off the bat, that I enjoyed Justice League. I enjoyed the action, the humor and the ‘valiant’ attempt to ‘right the DC ship’ more or less in the right direction.

I liked the characters. Affleck was fine as Batman, even though his role in Batman V Superman was much more prominent, as was Wonder Woman, who was just as bad ass as she was in her solo film. They both satisfied what I expected to see.

justice league film review

The Flash, being a personal favorite of mine, was fantastic. The effects used to introduce us to the power of the ‘speed force’ was well done. I had a few ‘petty’ gripes that I don’t want to drag you into, but that I’ll touch on.

  • Humor. The Flash’s humor was great but after a while it started to get a little old.
  • Powers. Even though The Flash had his abilities before Justice League, they made it seem like he hasn’t had them long and didn’t really know how to use them? Case in point, during one of the fighting scenes, Batman tells The Flash, who for some reason doesn’t know what he should be doing, to start rescuing civilians. He just seemed ‘lost’ and so unsure of himself or abilities, which was unusual to see.
  • Running. There was scene where they show The Flash running, in slow motion and it looked awkward. I couldn’t help to think – ‘Who the Hell runs like that?!’

Justice League Film Review

Yes, yes, I know. Very petty of me. Bu The Flash is one of my favorite comic book characters, so I should be entitled to at least a little pettiness, right?

The two characters I was most concerned about, prior to seeing Justice League, were Aquaman and Cyborg. And both, I am proud to say were also, well played.

Arthur Curry (Aquaman) was quite a bit of a different take on the iconic DC character, but it was both refreshing and modern, and I was fine with it. I can see, however, how some of the more loyal Aquaman fanbase may be turned off by what they see.

Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher was well done. I was probably most worried about Cyborg, on a personal level, as he was one of the first superheroes I was introduced to, in the eighties, when I first started collecting comics (The Teen Titans). I left the theater quite pleased with not only what I saw, but how he ended up (slight costume adjustment at the end).

Justice League Film Trailer


Only going to say it once, there are spoilers beyond this point, so if you insist on continuing then my conscious is clean. Do with it what you will!
If you know anything about the Justice League, then you know that there really can’t be a TRUE Justice League, unless you have the Man of Steel on that roster. Yes, BEHOLD! Superman lives! But not without the help of his Superfriends and little alien tech.

justice league film review

Yes, Superman is back., And, for minute after his return, things get a bit dicey when a squabble breaks out between the five who brought him back (Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg and Batman) and Superman, who is a bit weird in head after returning from the dead. Nothing that Lois Lane can’t fix, right.

It is during this scene that we get perhaps one of the funniest moments (for me anyways), that I have seen to date, DC or Marvel. It involved the five battling against Superman, when the Flash makes an attempt to use his super-speed to flank the Man of Steel. Surprisingly, for the Flash, Superman is a bit quicker that he realized, and THAT moment, is tremendously funny.

In the end, though Justice League wasn’t great, it wasn’t bad either. It was, EXACTLY, what I expected it to do, and that was to entertain and not be cheesy. It definitely did not deserve such a low Rotten Tomatoes score and does not deserve all the backlash it has been receiving.

My recommendation – GO SEE IT while it is at the theaters. Movies like this HAVE to be seen on the big screen. Watching this on TV gives you none of the experience. Make you’re own judgement. Be open-minded, and go to be entertained – not to compare and contrast with the comics or with Marvel films. Just go, and watch, laugh and enjoy!

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