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RIDDICK opens today and like many fans of the original Riddick film, Pitch Black, I have been eagerly awaiting for the release of this for a long while. Rotten Tomatoes seems to be giving it a somewhat, positive nod and early reviews seem to be more or less on the fence. But Still, I can keep from wondering, based on the trailers I have see, are we getting just a ‘regurgitated’ version of Pitch Black?

Not that Rotten Tomatoes is any ‘Gold standard’, but we’ll use them for the purposes of this argument. Pitch Black received a 57% when it was released. The Chronicles of Riddick received a dismal 29% on its debut. For all intensive purposes, Pitch Black was more or less the better of the previous two films. So, naturally the studios needed a ‘WIN’ here, with Riddick, after 9 years of drowning in their own sorrows after ‘Chronicles’. And, what better, safer way to do that, than to go back to where you started, and where you had you last victory, Pitch Black. Makes sense, but rather than take from that, and come up with something new, it appears they merely spun it, threw a different title on it and called it good.

Let’s look at some similarities:

It appears that we’ve returned to the same, harsh, wind-stroked desert Hell, that we found our crashed survivors on in Pitch Black. I mean damn, it might just be the same planet. Maybe in this galaxy, planets are all burned out hulks? Who knows.

As bad ass as we all know Riddick is, he does seem to get taken captive quite a bit? He started off in Pitch Black a shackled prisoner and it appears he’ll once again be captured by the mercenaries chasing him in ‘Riddick’.

Once again, we have monsters, and thousands of them (maybe even millions). Sound familiar? And they are bad, dangerous, hungry, and surprise! Seem to appreciate the dark of night. Its a wonder any human (or otherwise) life even exists in this galaxy with such monstrosities infesting every orbiting rock.

Riddick save us!
Naturally, with such a harsh environment, beasties that hunt in the black of night and only one person who can see in the dark (interesting how in this futuristic reality no one has yet to invent night vision goggles), and understand these creatures, it seems that once again, we must rely on Mr Riddick to help us to safety.

More of the same on the surface. The creativity of Hollywood never ceases to amaze me. I hope I am wrong after seeing it this weekend. If you’ve already seen it, what was your take? Different? Similar?

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