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I don’t know how many THOR Ragnarok trailers there have been to date, but I can tell you, that this particular International THOR Ragnarok trailer is my absolute favorite!

International THOR Ragnarok Trailer:

This particular International THOR Ragnarok trailer, features ALL kinds of hilariously great parts from the film. My only fear is that we’ve seen the bulk of them throughout the various trailers we’ve been shown over the months.

The dialogue between Bruce Banner and THOR and HULK and THOR is simply some of the best I’ve seen and that’s saying a lot given the plethora of Marvel films that have really sort of pioneered comedy in comic book films (Guardians of the Galaxy, etc).

international thor ragnarok trailer

A year or so ago a post had come out explaining how THOR 3 would be funnier or contain more humor than we were accustomed to, and I think they delivered based on this last International THOR Ragnarok trailer.

THOR Ragnarok releases nationwide on November 2nd, 2017.

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