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No Matter How Hard I Try I Can’t Watch Doctor Who Episodes

Doctor Who
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I can’t stand Doctor Who and no matter how hard I’ve tried or how many times I have tried to watch Doctor Who episodes, I just can’t stomach getting through a single episode! What the Hell is wrong with me?

If there were a ‘GEEK TEST’ I feel I would pass with flying color, save for one small section of the exam – Doctor Who Knowledge.

Watch Doctor Who

I have tried watching from the very beginning. It sucked. it was corny, cheesy and stupid.

A friend (And, avid Doctor Who fan) recommended I start with some of the more “modern” Who episodes, stating that the earlier episodes take an acquired taste, not so easily adopted by new Who watchers. I almost got through an episode so I was making progress but still having trouble.

Another recommended I read up on some of Doctor Who lore and “mythology” to get better acquainted with the story and characters, stating it would help add some substance to what I was seeing with the flying phone booth…er…Tardis, whatever. That also helped a bit, but not enough.

What Hell is wrong with me?! I feel so left out of “Who-discussions” at work and in outings with friends, as they trade “Who-isms” back and forth.

I will continue to try, through Hell or high water….I will continue to try…

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  • Avatar
    October 29, 2017 at 10:33 am

    Normality is an invariably subjective thing. Who truly cares if one fits into the mold of “geek” designated by the populous? If you are comfortable enjoying what you enjoy then nothing else need be said. You do you, man. Screw what everybody else thinks in accordance with pop culture. You cannot get into Doctor Who. Neither can I, or many, non-Star Trek sci-fi shows. Does it mean I enjoy sci-fi or Star Trekesque programming any less because I find Doctor Who to be annoying.? No. I means I do me and the rest of the world can do themselves. You keep on keeping on, bro. Don’t worry about if you don’t enjoy Doctor Who. Just because something is popular doesn’t make it a sacred cow or that everybody has to bleat along with the flock.

    • The Geekocracy
      The Geekocracy
      November 7, 2017 at 11:24 am

      Thanks Jason!

  • Avatar
    July 5, 2019 at 6:43 am

    Stay with it: there is an underlying Tao/Buddhist feel to the plot lines without it getting preachy.

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