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I can’t stand Doctor Who and no matter how hard I’ve tried or how many times I have tried to watch Doctor Who episodes, I just can’t stomach getting through a single episode! What the Hell is wrong with me?

If there were a ‘GEEK TEST’ I feel I would pass with flying color, save for one small section of the exam – Doctor Who Knowledge.

Watch Doctor Who

I have tried watching from the very beginning. It sucked. it was corny, cheesy and stupid.

A friend (And, avid Doctor Who fan) recommended I start with some of the more “modern” Who episodes, stating that the earlier episodes take an acquired taste, not so easily adopted by new Who watchers. I almost got through an episode so I was making progress but still having trouble.

Another recommended I read up on some of Doctor Who lore and “mythology” to get better acquainted with the story and characters, stating it would help add some substance to what I was seeing with the flying phone booth…er…Tardis, whatever. That also helped a bit, but not enough.

What Hell is wrong with me?! I feel so left out of “Who-discussions” at work and in outings with friends, as they trade “Who-isms” back and forth.

I will continue to try, through Hell or high water….I will continue to try…

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The Geekocracy

The Geekocracy

Dave Lawyer is an avid Blogger, Card-Carrying-Geek and Founder of The Geekocracy, with an origin story that includes copious amounts of D & D in the eighties, comics, anime, TV & film. If you would like to connect with David, give him a shout-out on Twitter