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According to the Hollywood Reporter, Actor Jamie Foxx is apparently involved in some early discussions to star in Brian Henson’s Rated R, Dark Puppet Comedy ‘Happytime Murders’.

If Brian Henson sounds familiar, he is son of famed puppeteer Jim Henson (anyone remember a little, long time running show – The Muppets?).

Jamie Foxx

Happytime Murders Synopsis

Happytime Murders takes place in a world where humans and puppets coexist, with the puppets viewed as second-class citizens. When the puppet cast members of 1980s children’s TV show The Happytime Gang begin turning up dead, an alcoholic, disgraced LAPD detective-turned-private eye puppet takes the case with his former human partner. Think Avenue Q meets L.A. Confidential.

Todd Berger and Dee Robertson wrote the initial drafts, with the latest script by Erich and Jon Hoeber, the brothers who wrote Red and Red 2.

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