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More and more news is coming out regarding The Walking Dead Spinoff due out next year (2015). Now it has been revealed where exactly in the world, this new spinoff will take place.

Zombies are coming to the West coast U.S., Los Angeles to be exact. Whether the show will ‘actually’ be filmed in Los Angeles is another matter, with some speculating it could filmed in a L.A. ‘look alike’ like Vancouver, B.C.

Rumor also has it that the show will more than likely take place somewhat BEFORE the events we have become familiar with in the initial Walk Dead series, meaning that we may see what caused zombie apocalypse outbreak? Or at the very least see the world BEFORE zombies really took over?

I would much rather see a show that takes place during the same timeline as the original, with the way-off chance that we could get a crossover of sorts, with the new group of characters somehow-someway crossing paths with characters from the original show? Little to none chance of that even being discussed as a possibility but I can hope right?

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