Geek Wear – His and Her Drift Compatible

Drift Compatible
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I’m thinking the only way you’d understand the reference here to this Geek wear and these his and her shirts is if you’ve seen the Del Toro Directed film, Pacific Rim. In the film, giant monsters threaten to destroy the world essentially and the only way humankind can fight back is through the use of giant mechanized fighting machines.

These machines must be piloted by two individuals because of their size and complexity and the two pilots must be ‘DRIFT COMPATIBLE’, meaning a type of ‘Mind Meld’ is required, allowing the pilots to share memories, instinct and emotions. Drifting allows them to act as one and control the very movement of the Jaeger (the fighting machine) itself, one pilot controlling the “right hemisphere”, the other the “left hemisphere”.

Now that you understand the concept, seeing these his and her shirts should make all the more sense…

Geek Wear – Drift Compatible His and Her Shirts

Drift Compatible

‘His’ Drift Compatible Shirt – $25.99 [via RedBubble]
‘Her’ Drift Compatible Shirt – $25.99 [via RedBubble]

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