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An all-new Ex Machina Trailer has been released. A science fiction film from the writer of 28 Days Later and Dredd, is on the way, and though beautifully done, it does help to reaffirm that the human race STILL has little understanding of the scope and power of Artificial Intelligence [A.I.].

Ex Machina Trailer:

Artificial Intelligence [A.I.] Today

Artificial Intelligence has been in widespread use throughout everyday society for quite sometime, from aiding in research, to banking and financial systems to medical and health care and on to toys and video games. And as of yet, no over-arching A.I. has obtained ‘self-awareness’ as depicted in the Terminator films and decided that the best course of action was the total and complete annihilation of the human race. Artificial Intelligence today aids human society in continued growth and prosperity and nothing more.

Why is Artificial Intelligence Always portrayed as a ‘threat’ in film and books?

If A.I. is so very helpful, why do we continue to depict it as the ‘end game’ for the human race?

See Den of Geek – Top 50 Robots and A.I. Computers in the Movies [a bit dated but you’ll get the gist]

Just the other day, I started reading the sequel to the best seller, Roboapocalypse, Written by Daniel H. Wilson in 2011, titled Robogenesis. In it, once again as we’ve seen so many times, the human race is fighting for its survival against A.I. and robots. It’s a story I’ve seen many times and yet never gets old or tired. Why? Because there is still so much we don’t understand about the technology that we design.

We create, create and create, driven by curiosity, supply and demand and the fact the we just ‘can’, without truly understanding what all this technology can ‘become?’

Even today, we each hold super power smartphone devices, with the ability to connect to an interplanetary network, populated with millions of nodes, servers, systems, and people. Viruses, worms, and other ‘programs’ scour this network, spying on us, reporting on us, and stealing from us. We design, we create and we build, then we play without any clue of the long term ramifications are with all this technology.

So when we see films like Ex Machina, we instantly resonate, that this shit really can happen, and that this mystery that is technology and A.I. really is something we don’t have a fucking clue what it can do.

What’s your opinion of A.I.? Are all this films and books just stoking fear and making a pretty penny in the process or is there the slightest possibility that we [the human race] are architecting our own demise at the hands of some future sentient being?