Everything You Need For Video Game Streaming | I have a buddy of mine, who is like the encyclopedia of everything there is to know about the popular free-to-play video game SMITE. I mean, not just game play, but strategy and all the benefits and disadvantages of using virtually every character and attack in the game. And not only that, but he also has a genuine interests in the lore and myth surrounding all the deities in the game. It’s crazy and at the same time admirable and impressive! So naturally I’ve popped the question (on more than one occasion) – why don’t you start a video game streaming service and maybe make a little extra money from this newfound expertise?! And finally after going round-and-round on this he’s taken some mild interest in doing this – with the question now being, where do I start?!

Luckily, this topic is so damn popular and video game streaming is so freakin’ widespread, that there’s already some great information out there about setting up your own service.

Setting up your own video game streaming is more than just having a computer and a way to record. There’s a lot more that goes into it IF YOU’RE SERIOUS ABOUT IT. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about a lot of stuff, but definitely the essentials and just the right amount essentials to keep it affordable for us mere mortals!

video game streamer

Necessary and easy-to-obtain equipment like LIGHTING, CAMERA EQUIPMENT and MIC. Of course you can always deviate from what is recommended here or add to it, but if you reayy want to do this right, then stick to the plan!

So, if you’re ready to go and get after it, we’re ready to help guide you! Click here to head over to ENGADGET and their excellent and comprehensive piece – All the gear you need to build a game-streaming empire.