The Terminator universe still ranks as one of the coolest sci-fi story lines to date, and now we may be getting an animated terminator film called EXTERMINATION. See the Proof of Concept short film here.

terminator animated film

Although the proof of concept trailer featured below was released in November of last year, apparently this ‘idea’ of an animated film is still very much on the table. The art and animation are decent and could use some refinement (this is only a proof of concept at this point), but it’s not bad. And the voice behind the story narration works for the setting as well.

We’ve had Terminator films (some great, some not-so-great) and a television series which was quite good (IMHO), but what we don’t have is an animated film. Fingers crossed that an animated Terminator film will be coming to a theater or television channel soon!

Animated Terminator Film – Exterminator