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It’s been 30 years since Orson Scott Card published the best-selling Ender’s Game, the Hugo-Award winning science-fiction novel that tells the story of gifted young teens, who are tasked with the terrible responsibility of leading earth’s forces into war to defend mankind from an alien species. And though there were many who said that this book could never be made into an Ender’s Game Movie, Director Gavin Hood and an all-star cast led by Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield did just that! And, with great success!

enders-gameFirst off, don’t be swayed into thinking you have to of read the book before seeing this. The movie stands on its own and in fact, NOT reading the book is probably for the best. The Ender’s Game novel has been out for so long it has undoubtedly established a rather large fan-base, intent on seeing this wonderful story copied word-for-word to the big screen. Having not read the book, ‘releases’ you from critiquing the movie every minute for deviating in any small way, shape or form from the original story.

I am not going to go into the story, though you can read a detailed breakdown here at The New York Times. I have also included a link to Entertainment Weekly’s – Critical Mass: Is ‘Ender’s Game’ the next big YA franchise? Or is it ‘The Golden Compass’? Which also lists excerpt from leading film critics on their opinion of the Ender’s Game movie.

I will tell you that the Ender’s Game movie was both entertaining and thought-provoking and the much talked about conclusion of the film was a satisfying interpretation from the book. However, I would like to hear some opinions from you? Both readers and non-readers of the book. What did you think? Good or bad, I’d love to get a sense.

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