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Just barely got back to my laptop after having watched Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in the latest Sci-fi by Director Doug Liman [The Bourne Identity], Edge of Tomorrow. To sum it up, it was fast, it was furious at times, Tom Cruise and Blunt were fantastic and it was VERY entertaining, albeit morbidly at times [but not grotesquely entertaining – there is a difference right?]. Let me explain.

** Spoilers Ahead **

The premise of the film is basically a sci-fi version of Groundhog Day, except, rather than ‘falling asleep’ and awaking the next day only to find out you’re reliving the previous day, in Edge of Tomorrow, Cruise has to perish [in horrible new, sometimes comical and inventive ways each and every time], before he wakes back up to relive the day.

Basically – For 5 years, humanity has been at war with an alien species called Mimics. NATO military forces have federated to create the United Defense Forces (UDF). As the Mimics tighten their grip on Europe, the introduction of armed mechanized exoskeletons called Jackets allows the UDF to achieve a decisive victory at Verdun. Major William Cage [Tom Cruise], a UDF spokesman and officer in the United States Army Reserve, is summoned to London to meet with General Brigham, commander of the UDF. The UDF, inspired by the victory at Verdun, intends to launch Operation Downfall, a multi-front invasion of Mimic-controlled Europe, just off the English Channel. General Brigham orders Cage to cover combat on the beaches of Northwestern France, to which Cage objects, stating that he is not a soldier. When Cage tries to blackmail the General, he is arrested and stripped of rank. Cage is sent to a base at Heathrow Airport, where he is to deploy from the following morning to the front lines.

In the ensuing combat, the UDF forces are wiped out, but in the midst of battle, Cage takes down a particularly ‘special’ Mimic known as the Alpha. As the Alpha Mimic bleeds out over Cage, he is ‘infected’ so-to-speak, with the ability to restart the time line every time he dies. Essentially being able to repeat the same day over and over, which gives him a distinct advantage in knowing when things occur.

edge of tomorrow

Oh look, He’s Dead again!
Long and very entertaining story short, Cage, alongside others, use this ability to work their way toward finding the hive and taking it down.

There’s no fun in dying and it is indeed a serious matter when someone does in fact perish. However, in Edge of Tomorrow, it does become something of a comical event for Tom Cruise’s Cage character.

The number of times we see Cruise die [and others for that matter], is staggering, sometimes very slow, sometimes in the blink of an eye, and sometimes by design, since he knows he will wake back up and relive the same day, smarter, better and more lethal, as he learns how to combat the Mimics and predict their every move. You begin to chuckle at the circumstances and events that lead up to each death and then you begin to thoroughly enjoy Cruise, running through scenarios like a pro, after having relived a particular scene probably hundreds of times of before. It’s just great fun is all I can say.

Tom Cruise is fantastic. Not overly dramatic at any particular time, and actually very funny at times, Edge of Tomorrow is definitely going to go down as one of the stronger quality sci-fi films of 2014. And, with an early 89% at Rotten Tomatoes and favorable reviews such as this – ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Is Tom Cruise At His Sci-Fi Best [Forbes] and Edge of Tomorrow Is the Best Videogame You Can’t Play [Wired], if you’re a sci-fi nut like myself, you can hardly go wrong with Edge of Tomorrow. See it and return back here to let me know your take on it!