Dungeon & Dragons D20 Keychain. D & D For Life!

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I was a hardcore Dungeon & Dragons player back in the day and if I didn’t have other ‘responsibilities’ like…working, I would probably continue to spend every waking hour of the day and night rolling dice and slaying giants! But these days, the closest I can come to showing others that I too! Was once a member of this tight-knit gamer community, is carry around with me one of these expertly designed D20 Keychains from Etsy.com

Quick Overview:

  • Dungeon & Dragons D20 keychains are HANDMADE. Which adds even a bit more ‘mysticism’ to these iconic bones!
  • Materials used: plastic, metal, dice, keychain, D20
  • Ships from Seekonk, Massachusetts so if you’re in the U.S., you’ll probably receive them pretty quick!

Each keychain comes with your choice of D20.

You have a choice of colors to choose from

You may select random D20 to get one of the non-regular D20s that the designer has in limited quantities.

You may also select random anything and the designer will pick a die at random for you, it could be any of the main 7 dice used and it will be a full size die. You may also message the designer on Etsy if you want a specific die type (aka D10, D6, D8 etc).

dungeons & dragons D20 dice colors

The Dungeon & Dragons D20 Keychains are available for $6.99 at Etsy.com

2 thoughts on “Dungeon & Dragons D20 Keychain. D & D For Life!

  1. Avatar Bella Rose says:


    I’ve just discovered this article and I’m so honored that you took the time to put this together about my dice keychains! I’m the handmade artist over at Eclectic Eccentricities, which is a shop on the etsy web site. Etsy is a lot like Amazon or eBay you could say, in that it’s filled with millions of individual people with their own little stores all each filled with their own items. I’m always happy when someone enjoys my products so much! I had no idea about this site until I saw it popping up in my stats as to where I was getting some traffic from. I will be saving it so I can check in on it regularly for cool nerdy news. Please feel free to send me any questions over on etsy or at my email, about dice products or ideas you might have, I love trying to make new things. I do much more than just the keychains.
    Thank you again!

  2. Dave Lawyer Dave Lawyer says:

    Etsy has wonderful items and crafts and I will be sure to check out more of what you have made! Thanks for coming by!

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