See Fireworks Through Drone’s Eyes

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Don’t worry, you had me at DRONE, but for those of you still unconvinced just how cool Drone technology is and what you can do with it, just take a look at this July 4th ‘undated’ fireworks show, from the aerial perspective of a drone device, while flying THROUGH exploding fireworks!

Drones are becoming increasingly more affordable to the common man (and woman!) and there is no doubt that this video is just the first of many creative applications we will see Geek’s like you and I, start to put up online for others to ‘Ooooo’ and ‘ahhhh’ about.

The video is roughly 4min long, and with a little classical music thrown in there, but trust me on this one, the visuals are breathtaking before you know it, the video will be over and you’ll be scouring the Web for more.

Fireworks as seen from a Drone

One thought on “See Fireworks Through Drone’s Eyes

  1. Dave Lawyer Dave Lawyer says:

    Yea I saw the post on Mashable today and assumed it was a July 4th vid given the proximity to the date. Cool vid but yes FAIL on my part.

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