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I dont care if he’s helping the elderly, risking his life to go find spare O2 tanks or becoming a surrogate pops to some little girl…this man is bad! I’m already hearing the “he’s turned over a new leaf” or “he’s found an accepting family and just wants to be loved.” BULLSHIT! This is the Governor folks.

The GovernorThis is a classic ‘bait and switch’ tactic, with us (the audience) being lured into thinking that this psychopath, The Governor, is to be pitied. He’s out wandering the post apocalyptic wastelands, worn, haggard and at the edge of the abyss. His own men have even left him for dead. He happens upon a family holed up in an old building, and they take him in. He gains their trust from helping out and slowly we really start to believe that this man has indeed changed.

One of elderly members of the family passes away and remaining members decide they would like to leave the building for the open road and stick with The Governor. They soon come across a pack of Walkers and in the panicked escape, The Governor and the littlest member of the family, a young girl (who, by the way has taken fondly to The Governor) fall into a pit of Walkers. The Governor immediately and brutally dispatches the zombies with his bare hands, violently jarring us back to the ‘real world’ and helping us realize who this man REALLY is. This is The Governor, folks. And don’t you forget it!

Here is a great interview with David Morrissey (The Governor in The Walking Dead) and Rolling Stone magazine on this last episode.

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