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the walking merc
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The Dead Pool Movie is nearly here (Feb. 12th to be exact), so what are we, less than a month out? Ask yourself this, do you have ANY Deadpool gear whatsoever to wear to the premiere? If not you better get going before items start running out. Here are a few items I’ve come across that seem to be both pretty unique and creative enough to get a few heads turning (that is what you want right?)

When I look at shirts to recommend I always look at items I would personally wear. Everyone has a preference and an opinion which is great and is what makes us unique, so what I like may not jive with what you may prefer and that’s cool. BUT….I wouldn’t say my ‘geek fashion sense’ is totally whacked, as I typically get a lot of great compliments, so that being said, I think you’re pretty safe considering the items I recommend here. Give them a once-over and let me know what you think in the comments below. AND, if you have any Deadpool shirts you’ve come across, let me know as well!

Deadpool Superhero

dead pool movie shirt
[$28.94 via RedBubble]

8 Bit Deadpool

8 Bit Deadpool
[$25.84 via RedBubble]

Deadpool and Spiderman

[$24.80 via RedBubble]

Piscina de la Muerto

dead pool movie
[$24.80 via RedBubble]

Deadpool Hold It Like a G

deadpool movie
[$24.80 via RedBubble]

I Want Tacos

deadpool tacos
[$24.80 via RedBubble]

The Walking Merc

the walking merc
[$24.80 via RedBubble]

Guns n Chimichangas

deadpool movie shirts
[$24.80 via RedBubble]

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