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DC Comics is throwing everything they have at the Marvel supertrain including putting into action plans to produce more obscure comic book characters like the intergalactic bounty hunter, Lobo.

The news is two-fold. Not only are we getting confirmation that Lobo is indeed coming to a theater near you, but who will play the muscle bound, violence seeking rogue. Non-other than Dwayne Johnso, A.K.A. The Rock!

What are your reactions? I’m certainly not feeling the despair I felt when Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman (even though that despair has not since dissipated), and am actually a bit on the fence with this one. Like Affleck, I very much like The Rock, but unlike Affleck, I think the Rock actually might be able to pull this out? He’d have to wear some sort of wig of course, and his face painted up, but he’s got the muscle and he’s got the humor. Brad Peyton is directing which is a little disconcerting (See why – not a very impressive repertoire of films under his belt), and not sure who is writing so still some serious announcements to come.

What are your initial reactions? Anyone else have additional news on this?

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