DC Comics Continues to Own Marvel on TV With Flash vs Arrow Crossover

flash vs arrow
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Tonight airs an epic, two-part crossover event featuring The Arrow and The Flash both on the same screen. The Flash episode titled – Flash vs Arrow will pair two of DC Comics flagship TV characters, together, both fighting the same fight and fighting against each other. Just another ‘feather in the cap’ for DC Comics as they continue to DOMINATE Marvel on the small screen!

Let’s make one thing abundantly clear – I am a Marvel film fan boy through and through, HOWEVER, when it comes television, my favorite Fall TV shows are The Flash, Arrow and Constantine, ALL DC COMICS. I could go on why this is the case, but let’s just settle for the The Flash episode airing tonight, titled The Flash vs Arrow. Yes, you heard it right. Arrow’s Stephen Amell will guest star on tonight’s The Flash, pairing with our newly minted speedster, actor Grant Gustin in a special TWO-PART series. Has Marvel’s lone flagship product, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. been able to even come close? Let me answer that for you…NOPE, NADA, NOT IN THIS LIFETIME. Marvel may own the theater, but they’re no where on the radar on TV.

Scott Mendelson‘s article on Forbes – How ‘Flash Vs. Arrow’ Trumped ‘Batman V Superman’ reiterates how special tonight’s episode is.

Flash vs Arrow Trailer

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