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Marvel Entertainment recently released the very cool and very FREE iOS app, JARVIS: A Second Screen Experience to the iTunes App Store. Although I do not personally have an iPhone (I know, shame on me), I do have an iPad 2, which it is stated, is also capable of hosting the app. So, naturally, without second thought I quickly downloaded the app. Here were my findings.

JARVIS iOS AppThe download was a little longer than usual but not too bad, and once it is installed you’ll realize why.

Installation and setup is pretty seamless, with the app coming online in true J.A.R.V.I.S. fashion, with the familiar AI voice asking you a series of questions to help facilitate the personalization of the app.

If there’s one thing you never get tired of when using the JARVIS: A Second Screen Experience app, it’s the JARVIS voice. Paul Bettany (the actor who does the voice-over for JARVIS in the Iron Man and Avenger films as well as the app), is known for many things, but in my book, he may best be known for this seriously awesome digital voice now emanating from my iPad!

The interface is as high-tech and cool as it gets, and I hope to still be alive when this becomes a true representation of digital interfaces for every device from phones, to tablets to controlling your television and fridge!

JARVISIt did take me a little extra time to poke around and figure out what does what, but that’s half the phone, as Paul Bettany’s JARVIS voice burps to life with every swipe of my finger.

The screen starts out by default a bit small, as the app was optimized for iPhone use, but for you iPad users you’ll quickly notice a ‘2X’ button in the lower right corner to increase the screen size of the app. And, although the app is able to run on the iPad, you will notice that certain features of the app are setup specifically for iPhone use, but don’t get me wrong, I am having a blast talking to JARVIS and having him provide local time and weather reports!

APP Features:
-Voice Controlled Interface
-Current date, time and temperature
-Weather forecast
-Alarm clock with personalized alarms
-First appointment reminders
-Post to Facebook

..and as always, continue to download and install updates as they become available as these will undoubtedly contain additional features and functionality.

Download the one-of-a-kind, interactive experience app hosted by JARVIS to your iPad or iPhone and find out. Just like the real JARVIS, you will be able to interact with him using your own voice. Create customized alarms to wake you in the morning, download ringtones, check the weather, post to Facebook and more! Sync the app to your Blu-ray player to unlock hidden files and suits embedded throughout the disc, and experience the first-ever voice controlled Blu-ray!