The Conjuring Was Good. But The Comedy in the Audience was Better!

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Finally got around to going to watch The Conjuring on the big screen, before it left. I don’t typically watch horror films, at least in the theater, opting to watch them in the comforts of home, so this outing was unusual for me, to say the least. And although I found the movie enjoyable and everything that I expected from a horror film, I have never laughed so hard from what transpired in the seats around us.

Oh I wasn’t laughing at the film, which had all the jumps and horrifying sounds and music that give horror films that lingering chill. I was laughing at other movie goers.

The Grandmother…

GrandmotherI knew I was in for a treat when just before the theater darkened and the screen ignited with upcoming trailers, a feeble grandmother and her three young granddaughters slowly walked up the stairs to their seats. The kids couldn’t be any older than 11? Maybe 12?

Our first thought was, wow, they seem young to be in here watching this, but then again, we used to bring our own kids in movies like this when they were young, so who are we to judge, right! But, not long after The Conjuring started and we were smack dang in the middle of some of the more terrifying moments, that had even my wife jumping out of her seat, the grandmother, with granddaughters leading the way, made her way back down the stairs into the theater lobby. After a few minutes, the group, once again made their way back to their seats. At first, we wrote this off as a bathroom break, until it became obvious, it was something different.

After 3 or 4 trips up and down the stairs, we started to realize these trip coinciding with when things really got scary on the screen. The it dawned on us. The Grandmother was clearly NOT digging this movie, and after listening in on the quiet chatter from the granddaughters, it was clear that they had ‘sweet-talked’ their poor little grandma into taking them to see this film. As sorry as we felt for the Grandmother, we could barely contain our laughter, every time the group exited and re-entered the theater. Hehehehehe….poor Grandma!

The Muscle Man…

Two rows in front of us, sat the muscle-bound linebacker-of-a-man and his tiny girlfriend, both mashed closely together, popcorn and drink in hand. We paid little attention to them until the movie started. That’s when things got funny.

Every time, the sound began to build, and the horror ensued on the big screen, the ‘big man’ would slowly raise his hand to his face, fingers spread ever so slightly, so that he may peak through to the screen, like a child peeking from behind blinds. This ‘ritual’ unfolded throughout the entire film, with the man on several occasions even turning his head in his girlfriend’s hair to help cloud his vision. At first we thought he was just clowning around, until his girlfriend shrugged him off her shoulder, obviously frustrated with the big man’s cowardice. I have never laughed so hard.

It had been so long since I last ventured to the theater for a few thrills and chills, but after this last outing, I anticipate I will work to see more. Watching The Conjuring was perhaps one of the most entertaining outings I have had at the theater in years! Definitely a moment to remember and laugh about in the years ahead.

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